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5 Winter MTB Training Tips | Mountain Bike Training

Training in winter can be really hard work and pretty miserable But we’ve got 5 hacks to make it more fun, enjoyable, and even bearable during those long cold winter months I’ll take bearable My winter training tip is to add a bit more variety to your training I used to ride a road bike […]

Mountain Bike Excuses – 5 Reasons Not To Ride Your MTB In Winter

– [Man 1] Riding in winter can be just as much fun as in summer but some people aren’t made of the right stuff – [Man 2] So these are five of the worst excuses that we’ve ever heard. ♪ [music] ♪ – Frost, that is frostmil There is absolutely no way that I’m getting […]

Interval Training Explained – How To Get Fit On Your Mountain Bike

we talked about interval training here at GMB and quite a lot and how effective they can be for getting fit we’ve never actually discussed how you might do them why you might want to do them and giving you some beginner sessions so this is their introductory guide to training with intervals let’s go […]

Top 10 Money Saving Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

Mountain biking can be expensive, but these are our top ten money saving maintenance tips. Keep your bike clean. If you roll in straight into the garage after a wet ride with only a token gesture of a bit of WD-40, then you’ll probably find plenty of seized and stiff bearings the following weekend. A […]

Top 10 Hardtail Set Up and Upgrades | GMBN Hardtail Week

This week we’re celebrating hardtails on GMBN, and one of the great things about hardtails is they can be really good value for money. For a comparatively priced full-suspension bike, you might not get as good a components. So let’s say you’ve got yourself your brand new hardtail, these are our Top 10 setup and […]

Top 5 Beginner Mountain Bike Mistakes | MTB Skills

♪ [music] ♪ – [Neil] Everyone starts somewhere. – [Man 2] But we’ve got some key points that will really help you progress as a rider. – These are our top five beginner mistakes, and how to avoid them. ♪ [music] ♪ – Riding is something that’s too hard for you. This is the easiest […]

Are Fat Bikes Fast?

♪ [music] ♪ – [Mark] So Neil has already discovered that fat bikes are definitely fun. But as a racer, I want to know one thing. Are fat bikes fast? – [Neil] So we’ve come to our local trails and we’re going to test out. We got a fat bike each and a normal trail […]

How To Set Up An Action Camera For Mountain Biking

– It’s easier than ever to get amazing riding footage to remind you of good times. Action cameras are really good, they’re cheap but the key to getting great footage is where you place the cameras. – There’s two great options: there’s one on your helmet and there’s one on your chest. So let’s go […]

7 (Almost) Free Ways To Take Your New Mountain Bike To The Next Level!

We’re in the shed, and I’ve got my brand new GT Sanction enduro bike. Now, you might have already seen this bike starring in “How to Build Your Bike from a Box”, but today we’re going to be talking about seven ways that you can take your new bike to the next level, and the […]

Top 4 Advanced Trials Tricks With Hans Rey

– Trials, tricks, and stunts can be good fun for carpark challenges, but they can also be very useful on the trail. So let’s learn a few of these tricks right now with these two bunny rabbits. Ready? – Ready. – Ready. (upbeat dance music) – So Hans, what’s our first challenge you got? – […]