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EVERYTHING I wear on a mountain bike ride | MTB clothing check

My friends! My job, my obsession, my entire life is mountain biking, the best trails in the world, and bringing you along with me. Because of that, everything I wear gets put through the wringer. Day after day, country after country ride after ride my helmet, my jacket, my shoes. Everything gets beat up and […]

Mountain Biking Top of the World in Whistler, B.C.

Yeah! Woo! Alright, so today is Top of the World So we started at the Whistler Village gondola. Took that up Now we’re here, we’re getting set for the first little part. We still have another chair to go But, uh, I’m ready. Got the full-face helmet, never worn the full-face helmet before. Borrowed it […]

WELCOME TO TASSIE | Mountain Biking Blue Derby, Tasmania

Yeah Startin’ the journey to Derby and gonna be driving on the wrong side of the road for the first time I’ve made it to Derby. No incidents. Heading on the wrong side of the road, only one moment where I was like “UHH!” because there was a car coming from the opposite side that […]

Mountain Biking Craigieburn, New Zealand, with Sacred Rides

So the adventure on the South Island continues today. I’m starting the day off at Flock Hill Station. Really nice accommodation, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and we’re gonna go take on Craigieburn today. It’s about a 4 or 5 hour ride, three different climbs, three different descents. Let’s have some […]

SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST | Mountain Biking Mt. Fromme on the North Shore

ohh (heavy breathing) Ohhh my God! So Seth and I left whistler this morning. We had a good time. Definitely got to get back there There’s way too much out there. That is left undone some guy emailed me today and showed me this trail called Valley of the Grizzly that looks pretty sweet, so […]