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Marcel Kittel’s Giant Propel

This is the Giant Propel of Marcel Kittel, ace sprinter for Team Giant-Shimano. Now, there are one or two things that mark this out as a sprinter’s bike, not least the name there. One thing that we would expect perhaps is to see a 54 chainring, and there isn’t – it’s a 53. So Marcel, […]


Hi guys, I’m Martin Badell, I’m here at Cycle Surgerycentral London store here in Holborn to introduce you tothe Giant Advance Disc for 2020.The Propel is our aero race bike which usesthe same geometry as our TCR road race bike.As with all Giant advanced and Liv advanced frames,the front triangle of this bike is a […]

Giant Propel Advanced SL 1 Bike Review Video

hey folks this is peter from bikes and life that are here today to review a bike in my very own this is actually a 2013 giant propel advanced SL 1. Now the reason i’m reviewing a 2013 bike is because this really represents a moment of innovation in cycling the culmination of a two-year […]