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Giant 2019 MTB Range Highlights – Flow Mountain Bike

Palm trees, warm sun on your back, tall buildings blocking your view of the beach… we must be at the Gold Coast. Ah hey guys! We’re here at the 2019 Giant dealer show at the Marriott hotel which has the best chandeliers and the worst carpet on the Gold Coast. 2019 is definitely a year […]

Giant Trance 29er 2019 – First Look – Flow Mountain Bike

Ta dah! The shrouds have lifted and now we can all get a good look at Giant’s new Trance 29er. Now before we delve into the bike let’s deal with the elephant in the room and we’re talking about the fact that only a few years ago Giant said it was 275 Life – 29ers […]

Giant Talon 3 2017 Mountain Bike

Hi I’m Greg Griffiths from Ivanhoe cycles and this is the Giant Talon 3 for 2017. This bike has an aluminium alloy frame, front suspension which is both adjustable and has the lockout so you can turn it off on those times you don’t need it. Hydraulic disc brakes both front and rear which are […]

Giant ATX 2 Mountain Bike 2017

Hi, Greg Griffiths here from Ivanhoe Cycles and this is the Giant ATX 2 for the 2017 range. It’s an aluminium framed mountain bike with front suspension. 21-speed gears and is the first model in the Giant range that has disc brakes, so we sell a lot of model or style of bike – and […]

2018 Giant Talon 2 Mountain Bike

Hey. Ben here from Ivanhoe Cycles and today I’ve got the 2018 Giant Talon 2. The Giant Talon 2 is an excellent recreational mountain bike. It’s perfect for many different kinds of trails. It has front suspension and it’s got a 27.5 inch wheel. Now, the Talon comes in three different levels of quality – […]

Giant Boulder Mountain Bike 2017

Hi, my name’s Greg Griffiths from Ivanhoe Cycles. I’m here to show you the 2017 Giant Boulder. It’s a recreational mountain bike, so it’s made for, you know, tracks and paths, trails – recreational riding, but not seriously off-road mountain biking. This bike has 26 inch wheels, which is the traditional size for mountain bikes […]