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Giant ATX 1 Mountain Bike 2017

Hi, Greg Griffiths here from Ivanhoe Cycles and this is the 2017 Giant ATX 1, a recreational mountain bike with an aluminium frame, front suspension, disc brakes, and 24-speed gears. So a bike that’s really suited to the recreational rider, perhaps just getting started in mountain biking, maybe a teenager who need a bike to […]

Road bikes: Aero vs. Endurance – How to choose?

Hey folks!! This is peter from bikes and life. Now today we’re not going to review a particular bike, we’re actually going to take a look at the differences between two different frame geometries, to give you the information that you can use to buy your next bike. So on my right we have an […]

Giant Propel Advanced SL 1 Bike Review Video

hey folks this is peter from bikes and life that are here today to review a bike in my very own this is actually a 2013 giant propel advanced SL 1. Now the reason i’m reviewing a 2013 bike is because this really represents a moment of innovation in cycling the culmination of a two-year […]

Giant Defy Adv Pro 1 2018 Road Bike

Hi. Greg Griffiths here from Ivanhoe Cycles. This is the 2018 Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1. This is – as the name implies – a Giant Defy, which means that it has a slightly longer wheelbase than the strictly racing models. So it’s an endurance road bike. A little bit longer in the wheelbase, a […]

Giant ATX 2 Mountain Bike 2017

Hi, Greg Griffiths here from Ivanhoe Cycles and this is the Giant ATX 2 for the 2017 range. It’s an aluminium framed mountain bike with front suspension. 21-speed gears and is the first model in the Giant range that has disc brakes, so we sell a lot of model or style of bike – and […]

Are E-Bikes Fun? Road Bike Vs Road E-Bike

– Like it or not, e-bikes are becoming a thing, a big thing. – That’s right, mountain bikers are all over them. People that just use bikes for transport are all over them. I mean they help to carry the shopping, they help to carry the kids, or they just help carry people up hills […]

The Iconic Giant TCR – Retro Vs Modern

when we think about recent advances in bike technology might think about frame material so transitioning from steel through to carbon fiber or we might think about the race to improve aerodynamics or to reduce weight but one thing we probably all overlook is geometry and that that would be a mistake because this right […]