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Trends & Talkers: King Street bike lane fines

Bicyclists get their own green lane along King Street, but some are still riding on the regular or even the sidewalk road. It could be a costly mistake and it’s what has you talking tonight. Starting last month, it has been against the law for bicyclists to be in regular lanes of traffic along King […]

E-bike salary packaging – the all-sorted solution

People get to work in many different ways. Many people drive and especially in the inner city that means that you often get stuck in traffic. Many people also take public transport which means you’re at the mercy of a timetable. The e-bike is a great alternative. There’s obvious benefits to riding to work: it’s […]

South Street Protected Bike Lane opens to bicyclists

HOWARD: THE NEW PROTECTED BIKE LANE ON SOUTH STREET IS NOW OPEN! A CEREMONY WAS HELD THIS MORNING AT THE KAKAAKO. project, just a couple blocks away from where we are.. looking to change community and try to provide more complete streets so people can get where they can get through alternative modes HOWARD: 29 […]

Jet Bike Race| Talking Tom Hero Dash in Real Life| Kid Parody

Ok! Let’s get out of here! Goodbye losers! What a boring day. Hello Ulya! Hello Tom! Our old friend Raccoon escaped from prison Oh no again! Yes, I’m afraid he will bother us again You need to catch him I will give you my super jet bike to get him Ok! I am coming! Thank […]

‘Virtual bike rides’ on Love to Ride .net

Love to Ride is all about spreading the love, and showing more people how enjoyable riding a bike can be. One of the things you can do on LovetoRide.net is take part in virtual bike rides. For example, you can ride the length of the UK virtually. You log your actual rides, and see your […]

Mountain Biking Wellington – Makara Peak

Makara Peak is a pretty cool place. It’s a massive hill around 15mins drive from Wellington City You get to the top by some pretty nice and actually enjoyable single track climb. When you are at the top you have incredible views over to the south island and to the city. From the top there […]

Technical Mountain Bike Hill Climbing | Presenter Challenge

– [Neil] Blake, why are you riding a big travel Enduro bike? – ‘Cause I like big suspension but why are you on a cross country bike? – ‘Cause today is the climbing challenge – Aaahh ‘kay – Let’s see who can ride the steepest, hardest climbs. – I’ve got one in mind, have you? […]