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ZIYOUJIGUANG T18 – Electric Bicycle Foldable

This particular bike, besides it’s battery, has pedals which are a great advantage! It has adjustable saddle and foldable steering wheel for portability purposes. It’s wheels have 12″ diameter and has front and rear disc brakes. It has a foldable bracket, a rear shock absorber and a shock absorber under the saddle. The weight is […]

Xiaomi Electric Scooter – Full Walkthrough

hey what’s up today we’re gonna take a look at Xiaomi’s electric scooter. This design award-winning scooter has been out in the Xiaomi store for some time already but I just received mine today so let’s have a look at what’s good and what’s maybe not that good. Let’s go! The scooter came in this […]

F wheel DYU Electric Bike – Deluxe Version

This scooter retails in two versions This is the deluxe version The differences are in the powertrain and the batteries This one has… 10A batteries… 10.4A to be exact. The smaller version has a 4.4A battery Another difference with this version… … the deluxe version… … has also front disc brakes. The standard version doesn’t […]

Bike Accessories Giveaway

bike accesories it is inevitable if you decided to get into biking aside from the bike, helmet, and outfit these are some of stuff that you will also have an interest to buy even me, when I started to get into biking I always check online for accessories and stuff that I could buy in […]