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Making £1000 per WEEK on UberEATS & Stuart 💸Part 2

This challenge, guys. It’s happening. I’m keeping it up. I’m keeping the momentum. We can do this. We rejoin on a week-long challenge to make £1000 doing deliveries. So far, I have made just over £420. Almost half way to the goal with 4 days left to go. Woah! What’s up, guys? We are on […]

CITY CENTER IS DESERTED| Land Rover Defender | Vlog series

hi guys hope you’re doing fine today so I said yesterday we are in the city center this morning and I think it’s absolutely crazy no traffic at all we left home at about 8:00 it took us 15min to come to town there’s some people around going shopping grocery shopping we saw I’m sure […]

How a motorcycle transmission works (Animation)

In motorcycles, the torque and rpm of a wheel is controlled by manually shifting gear levers up or down with our left foot. Motorcycle gear box comprises of a series of different gear steps which can be switched according to the requirement. The gear lever is connected to a shifter shaft, and the other end […]

Why Your Road Bikes Gears Are Skipping | GCN Tech Clinic

(exciting music) – Welcome back to another episode of the GCN TECH Clinic, where I try and help and solve your bike related problems with years worth of knowledge that I’ve somehow managed to keep inside of my brain. Right, with no further ado then, let’s crack on. Actually, no, first up, if you got […]

Internal Bike Cable Hacks | How To Replace Internal Brake & Gear Cables

– Internal cables, they look absolutely fantastic, the reason being because they hide your cables, and quite frankly, there’s not many cables out there which are a real joy or delight to look at. There is a downside though, on some components and frames, they can be a real nightmare to thread through. So today […]

Ride Steep And Technical Climbs | MTB Skills

– Climbing is always going to be a fitness test to a certain degree. When things get harder, some skills can help you out. Loose, rocky climbs can be really hard work. Momentum is going to be your friend here. So, that means you’re going to pedal hard. But also your skills and good line […]

How Cheaply Can You Build A Fixed Gear Bike? | Cheap Bike To Fixie Ep.1

– Sometimes, you can’t beat the simplicity of riding along on a bike with no gears. Maybe to commute to work, or pop to the shops, or even a little pootle around with your mates. In this series of videos, we’re going to convert a commonly available old road bike into a fashionable fixie. Oh, […]