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Garmin EDGE 1030 Firmware 8.00: ClimbPro & LOTS of New Features!

Today I’m looking at firmware 8.0 which has just been released this week for the Garmin Edge 1030. The most significant update and feature set Edition added to this unit since release earlier in 2019 with the release of the 830 and the 530 Garmin promised that the 1030 which is two years old now […]

Garmin Edge 530, Performance GPS Cycling/Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 530 Review. The Edge 530 is quite possibly the best Garmin cycle computer ever produced. Itís also hard to find any of its competitors able to match it in terms of a price to feature ratio. Garmin has continued the use of the quarter-turn mount on the Edge 530 and with good reason; […]

Garmin Edge 520 Plus, Gps Cycling/Bike Computer for Competing and Navigation

Garmin Edge 520 Plus, Gps Cycling and Bike Computer Review. The Garmin Edge 520 Plus does everything a good cycling computer should but ads some of the features previously kept for the higher-end computers. It has a nice 35 into 47 mm colour display, is easily navigated using seven buttons and features a rich set […]

RACING A FULL PRO PELOTON at my first UCI 1.2, Ronde van Midden Nederland.

Dude Congratulations, man. Thanks. Holy crap. You won for the big banker mum Ah, this is the mechanic driving in the in the follow car, I don’t have to work today Because everything is good to go aged. Oh, that’s that’s perfect. What if somebody has flat tire? Then I screened out of the car […]

MTB Cross Country Szczecin | Mountain Bike KTM Ultra Fire #7

Hey! Hey! Welcome! Another bike ride… …another season with MTB Cross Country Poland Today, we traditionally go around Szczecin we are passing the Binowo village we are heading towards Żelisławiec paved road see for yourself… Lovely… a few words about this bicycle season I will try to record films for you on an ongoing basis […]

MTB Cross Country Szczecin | Mountain Bike KTM Ultra Fire #5

Hello all and I invite you for another ride today for a leisurely ride forest – “Puszcza Bukowa” air temperature felt plus do not forget to leave the subscription, likes and comments under the film and press the “bell” who ran it? how nice she ran… what was that ? i think Roe oh please! […]

MTB Cross Country Szczecin | Mountain Bike KTM Ultra Fire #1

Welcome on my first bicycle blog “We’ll play” a bit in MTB πŸ˜‰ Today we go by bicycle to Szczecin Landscape Park “Puszcza Bukowa” We are currently in Szczecin we will see how it will go today, test a new sports camera GoPro HERO 7 Black Nice autumn weather… Temperature above 10 degrees Celsius and […]