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Good morning xD Ovi : Oliver , smile xD You don’t have enough strength to lift it up , huh? It’s heavy xD Ovi : The problem is the bike stand can’t withstand the weight of the bike It’s like a motocross lmao We should put an engine on this Ovi : chainsaw engine xD […]

How To Ride Natural Trail Gaps | MTB Skills

– Welcome back you beautiful people, and today is a pretty cool day. It’s all about natural hits out on the trail, spicing up that trail. Have you ever noticed a random kicker in the middle of the trail? You don’t know where it goes. Have you seen a little kicker in the side of […]

How To Ride Massive Jumps With Nico Vink | MTB Skills

(upbeat rock music) – Right, big table tops yes bike parks have these things all over the place and they are big. And everyone wants to hit the biggest table top. They want to clear it just to show off to their mates. I hit the biggest table top out there. So why are table […]

A-Line Air Time Jump Challenge | Blake Samson Vs Greg Callaghan Vs Zak Johansen

– Welcome back you beautiful people. I’m surrounded by two rad dudes. We’ve got Zak Johansen and we’ve got Greg Callaghan, part of the CUBE ActionTeam. And we’ve got a special game of A-line, air challenge, you ready? – Hell yeah. – Let’s go. (laughs) (upbeat rock music) – Ooh my God! – Yeah! (upbeat […]

How To Ride Singletrack Faster | E-Mountain Bike Skills

– Riding singletrack trails can be amazing, it’s the most fun you can probably have out on your E bike. Simply finding that flail on the trail can’t be beaten. Here’s our 10 tips to ride singletrack faster. (techno music) When it comes to riding singletrack faster, it means that you got to pedal. You […]

Massive Mountain Bike Crashes | GMBN’s December Fails and Bails

– Welcome to December’s Fails and Bails. You know, I thought I’d make it different. I brought James in, from GCN. – Yeah! – Oh, my God! We’re gonna have some fun. You’ve got some road crashes for us. – I have. I have, yeah. – We’ll get to them later, but I’m gonna excite […]

How To Ride Drop Offs Like A Pro | Mountain Bike Skills

♪ [music] ♪ – [Man 1] So how do you ride drop-offs? The first thing to learn really is how to manual properly, and we’ve done loads of videos on that already, so click down below. There will be a link in the description for how to manual first. I’ll talk about that briefly now, […]

Can You Ride Street On A Fat Bike? | MTB Skills

– Blake, what do you think of fat bikes? – Martyn, I absolutely love fat bikes. This is like one of my best bikes I’ve ever owned. – Well that is very good news. ‘Cause today, we’re going street riding on fat bikes. Can you ride street on a fat bike? – I actually don’t […]