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DOWNHILL SYNDROME – Mountain Bike Simulator Gameplay

Bruce: Alright, which simulator do you want to do War Truck Simulator or Mountain Biking? James: [Sighs deeply] James: Look how extreme this is! James: Gravity is going to do 90% of the work for you, Adam. Bruce: Yeah, Mountain Biking is easy. James: It’s easy. James: And that’s the bottom of the hill WHY […]

ROCKET FUEL VOLT BIKE!! | Roblox Jailbreak World Record

[Intro Music] All right guys So I’m sure we all know about the rocket fuel update in Roblox Jailbreak if you don’t well Essentially they added fuel that makes your car go Supersonic speed and Uh, we got to test it out on yesterday’s video. We took a look at all the different updates and […]