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Game Of BIKE – POJEDYNEK | Dawid vs. Friends | Godziek Brothers

Welcome again on our #GodziekBrothers YouTube channel This time we’re gonna play the Game of BIKE! Paweł Stachak, Czubaka and Maciek are here with me The rules are simple – we are simply going to play the game of BIKE Every of us, one by one, calls one trick Everybody has 2 attempts to do […]

Mit dem Enduro Bike im Wald – auf FREERIDE MTB Mission

hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video the whole Mtb world looks to Utah in the usa, Red Bull rampage is going down obviously we are not there we are in our local German woods but in an hommage to Utah we are going on a free ride Mtb mission today all […]

GAME of BIKE – LA POMA SKATEPARK *english subtitles*

Yo guys, it’s time for riding dirtscooter! MOOOLGA we’re going to have a huge session on the dirtscooters…, short but nice they don’t have them here anymore because they destroy the tables. So we will play a game of bike in the skatepark instead Yo! Check this out. Here’s pineapple growing in the ground Ok, […]

Game Of Bike street trial 2017. Clément Moreno vs Léo Nobile

Crank flip A little G-Turn You go up E.T F*ck 180 gap half cab 5.4 Bastard *laugh* it’s too hard! I’ll go up the stairs there manual, I’ll turn around the concrete thing and then I’ll do 180 above the steps Quickly I’ll try footJam whip step down I’m too afraid for my ankle 180 […]

Cyclocross Game Of B.I.K.E With Tom Meeusen

– We’re here today for a Game of Bike with multiple time World Cup winner, but even better than that, probably one of the best bike handlers on the circuit, bar none. Tom Mayusen, welcome to the Game of Bike. – Thank you, thanks for having me. (swish) – [Host] Tom Mayusen is one of […]

Blake Vs Elliott Heap | Mountain Bike Challenge In An Abandoned Quarry

– I might go off the big bit. – [Blake] Yeah! That’s too good! – [Elliott] Where’s he going? – [Blake] Oh! (both laughing) – [Elliott] Oh my god. (Elliott laughing) – Oh, my goodness me! Welcome back you beautiful people and today is a special day. I’ve got Elliot Heap. This dude is an […]

Hans Rey Vs Chris Smith | Game Of E-BIKE

– Super excited today. I’ve got a really special game of e-bike lined up with a special guest. He’s just so a legend of the sport. He’s done so much for mountain biking and if there was ever to do a to-do list in mountain biking this guy has ticked off more boxes than most. […]