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BREAKING NEWS !!! KwikFold Ultra Quick Folding Bikes – Features

make your commutes even more convenient with the kwikfold ultra quick folding bikes coming in electric and non electric versions these bikes actually fold down in just one second you can go from storage to Soaring instantly the non electric version features seven speed Shimano gears and weighs only eleven point five kilograms you can […]

Best Amazing Electric Bike On Amazon

Stare into the stories in the back of my car Trying to figure out just who we are catching moments on our phone taking pitches coy if you wait out of our favorite songs our favorite songs we say Your shoulder. We were I? will take Ryan It was over and we were right so […]

Getest: de nieuwe e-bike VanMoof Electrified S2 schop je op slot 🚲

We were the first in The Netherlands to try the new electric bike from VanMoof The Electrified S2 Hi, it’s Erwin from Bright. One of the bikes we recommend in our guide Bright Stuff is the VanMoof Electrified S A new version has arrived, the S2 and we were able to use it already, let […]

Electric bikes: everything you need to know

(upbeat remixed music) – So we here at The Verge love electric rideables. Hoverboards, skateboards, scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, unicycles, tricycles, you name it, we’ve ridden it. But I’m here to tell you why I think electric bikes in particular are more than just a fun tech fad. I think they could actually be the future […]

5 Bike Inventions That Will Make Bike Thieves Jobless

– Bikes are stolen like a lot. Two every minute, over a million every year, and that’s just what’s reported. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you Linka, the world’s first auto-unlocking smart bike lock. Linka can do a lot of cool things, but at its core, it’s a powerful lock that’s hard mounted […]

OEPS: deze e-bike gaat er ineens zelf vandoor!

Yo yo yo, I am Bram from Bright. And a new week… Damn it! How is this possible? – This is strange. Waite, there… There he goes, there he goes! Look at that! He’s just going on his own! What is this for ghost bike? Damn it. The idea was to make a nice review. […]

Best New Tech For Road Bikes Part 2 | Taipei Cycle Show 2018

– I’m back at the Taipei Bike Show for a look at more of the hottest new cycling tech, because this place is absolutely huge. There’s over 65,000 square meters of exhibition space, and over 1,000 individual exhibitors. So, strap yourselves in, and let’s get hunting for tech. (upbeat music) Yesterday, I saw a carbon […]