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Sally and Possum Season 6 Episode 6 – Possum learns to ride

Hello. Hmm. Huh? Look! Oh! Huh?! Whoa! Hmm. Whoa! Huh? Look! Oh! I’m Sally. And I’m Possum. BOTH: Hello! Ah! Oh, hi everyone! Good morning! What? Huh? The bike is missing. Hmm? Hmm. Did Sally take it for a ride? No, she couldn’t have done that. The bike’s broken. It doesn’t work. Hmm, I must […]


Hi everyone, welcome to the new TRICKSTOP video Today I will try to learn pretty special trick – NINJA DROP I will stand on an obstacle, hold my bike in my hands, jump off and land to the pedals and catch my handlebars You could see Fabio Wibmer doing this trick in one of his […]

No More Training Wheels!

(upbeat music) (laughing) – [Lucy] You’re doing it, girl! – Colin! – Good job, buddy! – [Lucy] And look at you, Addy, doing tricks over here! Hi Layla-Jane! – To infinity and beyond! – Yes, there you go! – You can do it! Oh my gosh! Daddy let go! (joyous screams) – [Lucy] You’re doing […]

Big Bike Street Session | DMJ Vlog #8

This is a famous wallride We’re gonna ride it together – first try It’s an unknown terrain It’s slippery as hell How are you feeling before dropping this huge cliff? Now I know how riders at Redbull Rampage feel They drop like 25metres rocks and this is 20cm Sketchy but it was because of the […]