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How to assemble a survival tool kit for your bike.

Anybody who has ever had a mechanical failure on the trail knows the importance of carrying the right tools. We’re going to show you some simple things you can do to make sure that you don’t get stuck. Getting a flat on the trail is inevitable. For that reason it is a good idea to […]

How To Set Up Mountain Bike Suspension

Suspension set-up is crucial to getting the best performance from your mountain bike. Taking a few minutes to do it correctly will ensure that you’re getting the best ride out on the trail. You’ll need a shock pump and a tape measure. A scale is helpful for accurately determining your weight while wearing all of […]

How Hard Can You Ride A Hardtail E-Bike?

– There’s a lot of love out there for full suspension e-bike on the trails. But the hardtail has also got a lot of love too. These things are super versatile. People might think that you need loads of suspension out there to do big things out there on the trails, big drops and jumps […]

Chinese Carbon fiber mountain bike handlebar from eBay unboxing review

I already know what this is. really light i’m gonna assume this is my carbon fiber handlebar Pretty excited since oh i just ordered this three or four days, ago and it’s already here the Reason why i ordered this specific handlebar instead of all the other chinese carbon ones Is mainly because it was […]

Top Five Full Suspension Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

So, you’ve bought your first full suspension bike. You’ve been on a hard tail. Obviously, they’ve got more moving parts and things to keep on top of. So here are five things to look out for on your first full suspension bike. ♪ [music] ♪ Obviously one of the biggest differences with your new bike […]

Top Tube Adapter – Softride Bike Racks

This is the Softride Top Tube Adapter – it’s part number 26373. This is intended for bicycles with a stem to seat post distance of 15 to 21 inches. This is a Softride Top Tube Adapter. We’ve got it out of the box. We’ll show you a couple of the features and how it operates. […]

Four Ways A Full Suspension Mountain Bike Will Help You Ride Faster

– There’s no doubting that a well set up full suspension bike is going to make most trails easier to ride and that means that most of the time they’re going to be faster as well but how do you harness that potential? (water flowing, gears turning) (upbeat rock music) A well set up, full […]

Hardtail Vs. Full Suspension Mountain Bike – What is Faster?

This is a hardtail. This is a full suspension bike. We’re going to take them to the trails, and we’re going to find out which is faster. This is hardtail versus full suspension. ♪ [music] ♪ We’ve got two of the lightest cross-country bikes in the world, the Scott Spark and the Scott Scale. They’re […]