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Bikes Of The 2017 Pro Peloton Part 2

As promised, here comes part 2 of our look at the WorldTour team bikes of 2017. Let’s start with the Cervélo bikes of Dimension Data, they have some seriously flash components on board. The S5 or the R5 are the frame options, depending on the race – we spotted a prototype R5 at the Dubai […]

How Much Do Pro Mountain Bikers Get Paid? | Dirt Shed Show Episode 114

– Okay, it’s the Dirt Shed Show and we are gonna be talking about the ol’ buckaroos this week. – Woah. – The money; who’s earning what that’s what I wanna know… – The pros. – Yeah, and what else have we got? – It’s gonna be interesting. Well, we’re doing a bit of a […]

Marco Fontana’s Bianchi Methanol XC Bike | GMBN Pro Bikes

– In today’s Pro Bike Check, we’re gonna take a look at Marco Fontana’s Bianchi Methanol cross-country race bike. (Slow rhythmic music) So Marco, the veteran Italian cross-country racer, now rides the Italian brand Bianchi, on the Countervail team. And this is his race bike. It’s a small frame. Marco’s one of the shorter riders […]


第1階段:拆卸直鎖式齒片或是模組化齒爪(Spider)。 第1步驟:拆卸自行車上的齒盤。 第2步驟:使用FSA EE023A專屬工具拆除驅動側的自退鎖蓋、墊圈、螺絲。 第3步驟:拆卸直鎖式齒片或是齒爪以及3mm墊片。 第2階段:安裝全新直鎖式齒盤或是模組化齒爪。 第1步驟:在驅動側曲柄處安裝直鎖式齒片或是齒爪。 第2步驟:在驅動側曲柄軸安裝3mm墊片。 第3步驟:注意:如果是Boost規格車架請在安裝直鎖式齒片後再安裝3mm墊片。 第4步驟:在曲柄驅動側鎖上牙環鎖蓋。 第5步驟:在齒盤傳動側使用FSA EE023A專屬工具重新鎖上自退鎖蓋、墊圈、曲柄。 第6步驟:將扭力值鎖到41Nm。

Crank Type Identification

Hello, Calvin Jones here with Park Tool Company. In this video we’re going to focus on crank type identification. We will then refer you to the applicable crank removal and installation video if it exists in our collection. We’ll start with self-extracting type cranks. The self-extracting cranks have a crank puller basically built into the […]

5 Hacks To Ride Your Mountain Bike Further

– [Neil] These are the top 5 hacks to ride further. (upbeat music) Use computer software like Strava or Google Maps to actually plan your ride and get exact figures for distance and elevation changes. I’ve actually done some rides that have looked pretty pathetic by the stats, really short distance, but they’ve been in […]

How Did Richie Rude Not Crash? | Dirt Shed Show Episode 115

– Have you ever had one of those moments where it was nearly going wrong? We’re going to be talking about some great escapes. – How long does it take to recover from a dislocated hip? One world cup star might be able to tell us. – And does height matter when it comes to […]