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Freeride & Downhill E Biking At Revolution Bike Park | Riding With Adam Brayton

– The whole E-bike scene has changed massively over the last couple of years. The riders, the bikes is all seeing massive change. Got riders coming from downhill, got riders coming from cross-country, they’re all embracing the E-bike love. Well we’re here today at Revolution Bike Park to meet up with one of the heavy […]

HOW TO COMPETE IN FREERIDE with Xavier De Le Rue | How To Xv

Being a good freerider and being a good competition freerider are two very different things. So today, we’re gonna talk about those comps, try to understand them better, and try to pick out all the little tips to make you a better competition freerider. Freeriding is not necessarily about the competition it’s about being out […]

Santos!! VORTEX PIT!!! Shredit Mashup FL Mtb Freeride Park

♫ Super Mario – Overworld Theme (GFM Trap Remix )♫ I Spelled fashion wrong sorry! ♫ I Did That by Diamond Ortiz ♫ Nice! What the! ♫ WTF – Xivine ft. Brimroth ♫ Go ♫ I Did That by Diamond Ortiz ♫ ♫ I Did That by Diamond Ortiz ♫ Wahoo ha hoo hoo ♫ […]


Riding powder is one of the main reasons why so many of us love so much skiing and snowboarding and once you get a taste of that feeling of flying above the snow it quickly becomes an addiction. So today we’re gonna go through all the steps to get your first powder turns, so that […]

Behind the Scenes “Urban Freeride Lives”

Hey guys it’s me Fabio and today I’ll give you a deeper insight into my latest urban freeride video in Salzburg It’s sick how many people already watched the video I think it has already over 850.000 views big thanks to everyone of you for your comments, for your awesome feedback, for sharing and so […]

VTT HARDCORE ep2 : Violence avec Fatscal

VIOLENCE WITH FATSCAL directed by Alexis Righetti so Pascal.. today we’ll ride a peak never done by Fatscal so it exists mountains in Queyras he didn’t ride I don’t know this place it’s good you put your solar panels yes let’s go… pedaling! more than 2 tonnes are prohibited. Do you think it’s good with […]


that didn’t just happen! 2 million tons of electronic waste every year whats up guys! new video! finally back on my mountain bike! hopefully! im still a little injured but it should work, i don’t necsaaarily wanna ride dirt jump already and do sick tricks where i twist my bike around but enduro and dh […]