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Cycling Apparel, Safety, Gear & Repair : Road Hazards & Bicycle Safety Tips

This is Jim Toledano for Expert Village talking about road hazards and other things that you might run across or try avoid running across when you’re biking on the streets. What you don’t want to do is run over anything that’s either going to stop you, divert you, or cut your tires. You need to […]

Competitive Cycling : Warming Up for a Bicycle Race

Now I’m at the race, I am warming up on my trainer. It is important how much time to spend on the trainer. How much time do you need to warm up before your race? If you are doing a shorter race like the time trial, well time trial you are definitely going to want […]

Sign Language: Sports & Recreation : Sign Language: Cycling, Hiking, Jogging

Now I’ll teach you some solo sports. Cycling. Cycling. You can also use that for spinning. Hiking. Hiking. Jogging or running. Jogging, running. Walking. Walking. There’s another sign for walking too. Golf. Golf. Golf. Camping. Camping. Let’s review. Cycling. Hiking. Jogging. Jogging. Walking. Camping. Golf, or even swimming. Practice those signs.

I Got A Yamaha TW200 Dual Sport Motorcycle!!!

hey everybody it has happened welcome to the newest member of the nomadic fnatic team here on the roads say hello to my 2014 Yamaha TW 200 dual sport bike ain’t she Purdy blue everybody I got a blue bike so the other day my buddy took me over to Phoenix looked at a couple […]

Competitive Cycling : Arrow Bars for Time Trial Bike Races

These are clip on or screw on arrow bars. You can buy some that actually clip on your bike. These are actually going to screw into the handle bars of your bike and they are going to sit at the top of your bike up here. Once you’ve had them properly put on, you are […]

Competitive Cycling : Bike Gears & Competitive Cycling

Now your bike gears are your best friend. It is really important to get to know the gears on your bike. Your bike has 2 rings; a big ring and a small ring. Now the small ring we use when we are pushing harder areas. So you are climbing a hill, something steep. You want […]

The Free National Bike Registry: BikeGuard

Welcome to BikeGuard, the free bike registry. This is a free service initiative from the people at MyAssetTag.com. We make labels and stickers with numbers and scanable codes for all sorts of equipment and property, including bicycles. You can easily protect your bike with a free BikeGuard tag, which links to our free database. It’s […]

Road Bike Maintenance : How to Measure your Bicycle Seat Height

So, when we are fitting up our road bike to make sure that it’s comfortable, and a fairly safe fit, a good baseline is: wear your cycling shorts, wear some cycling shoes, and then what you want to do is, you want to get on the bike, leaning up against something like a wall, and […]

Fitting a Bicycle to You : Fitting a Road Bike to You

Traditional road fitting is going to afford the buyer a lot more choices in that frames are made in much smaller increments between each model in traditional frames. You don’t just have a small, a medium, a large, and an extra large. You actually have sizes that are going to range, in most cases, in […]