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Fitting a Bicycle to You : Various Types of Bicycles

In the three major types of bikes out there, we have the hybrid, usually indicated by upright handle bars, like a mountain bike, wide gear range like a mountain bike, however, the narrower higher pressure tires of the road bike. The industry is a little confused right now about what to call these bikes, they […]

Bee (2010-2013) Instructional

Welcome to the instructional video for the Burley Bee. The Bee is a bike only trailer, that is not designed for use with strolling, jogging, and ski kits. Out of the box the bee arrives in its folded position. First remove the contents, and attach the wheels. They will lock in and out of place […]

How To Prepare Your E-Bike For Winter | EMTB Maintenance

– So winter is coming and that doesn’t mean your e-biking has to come to an end. It’s actually where these bikes excel. They love winter, they love going out there in the mud and getting covered in it. There’s a few little steps and little hacks we can do to our bikes to get […]

What is the most expensive worst value road bike? (according to science)

– [Host] Hey, what’s up guys? I’ve got an interesting one for you today. Can science help you find the worst value, the most expensive and least value-for-money road bike on sale today? I’m talking about production road bikes that are currently on sale, not a really boutique, exclusive one-offs or, you know, very limited […]

How to Wash a Bike

Calvin Jones here, Park Tool Company. In this repair help video we’re going to walk through a basic bike wash. Let’s begin with what we need for equipment. Hand protection is a really good idea, such as the Mechanic’s Gloves from Park Tool. Next: some water. Just like doing dishes, steamy good hot water. If […]

How A Titanium Bike Is Made | Moots Factory Tour

– Steamboat Springs, Colorado, population 12,088. A cycling paradise and home to one of cycling’s true artisans manufacturers, Moots. The grand masters of titanium. Last year they lent me a Route 45 gravel bike to ride in Iceland. And now we’re here to see how they practice their craft, how they actually make titanium bikes. […]

Giant TCR Adv 1 Road Bike 2016

Hi, Greg Griffiths here from Ivanhoe Cycles and I’d just like to show you the new 2016 Giant TCR Advanced 1. The Advanced frame is Giant’s mid-level frame, it’s a composite which is a cheaper frame than the Advanced SL – the superlight – which is the dearer frame, but this is the mid-range frame. […]

Should You Buy An E-Bike? Ask EMBN Anything About E-Biking

– Questions, questions, questions. It can only mean one thing, ask EMBN. (techno sounds) – Okay, so let’s kick things off. We’ve got a really good question here from Joseph Rennick. And he’s got, hi guys, there’s been no convincing me that e-bikes are the future of mountain biking. I understand every aspect of them […]

The GMBN Podcast Ep.14 | The Future Of Mountain Bikes With Chris Porter

– Welcome to the GMBN podcast. Now, this episode we have a mental exercise on the cards. The year is 2030, Kanye West is living in the west wing of the White House. Boris Johnson’s hair is still in power after a grommet-esque wrong trousers upriding and Mel Giedroyc has taken her spot as monarch […]