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How Much Do Pro Mountain Bikers Get Paid? | Dirt Shed Show Episode 114

– Okay, it’s the Dirt Shed Show and we are gonna be talking about the ol’ buckaroos this week. – Woah. – The money; who’s earning what that’s what I wanna know… – The pros. – Yeah, and what else have we got? – It’s gonna be interesting. Well, we’re doing a bit of a […]

How To Ride Natural Mountain Bike Trails | MTB Skills

– Bike parks are great. They offer a really good variety of riding for a massive range of abilities, but for me my favorite type of riding is riding natural trails. Trails that have just been cleared and then ridden in with hardly any handwork at all. But they do offer their own challenges. So […]

How To Get More Grip From Your Pedals | Mountain Bike Maintenance

– This video is all about trying to find the right amount of grip between your foot and the pedal you use, Both flat and clip-less pedals. (high-energy music) So flat pedals, I guess that’s the easiest one to start with. Obviously, you have a flat shoe, so normal trainer, or a mountain bike shoe, […]

Top 5 Tips For Riding Scary Obstacles With Confidence | Mountain Bike Skills

– Mountain biking can be dangerous. I’m sure we all know that. Here are five of the scariest obstacles and how to overcome that fear. (upbeat music) Number one, fast, loose corners. Whilst they don’t look that scary, things can go wrong here really fast. A slide or a crash here could be really bad. […]

29 Vs 27.5 Mountain Bike Wheels | What Do The Pros Think?

Fort William World Cup and one of the big issues this weekend is 29 inch wheels. There’s like 10 pro bikes here with this new prototype bike that’s got 29 inch wheels and it could be a big advantage on a track like this at Fort William. So we’re gonna take a look around the […]

How To Ride Steep Chutes | Mountain Bike Skills

– Right, you’ve seen loads of free ride videos with dudes shreddin’ down a super steep line, super sandy, and you want to do that. But when you get to the top, it’s very intimidating. It’s so steep and far and fast. I’m going to give you a few tips on how to conquer those […]

3 Hacks To Fix A Broken Mountain Bike Chain | MTB Maintenance

– A bike chain can go through some serious abuse when it’s out on the trails. And this isn’t just muddy and wet trail conditions, I’m talkin’ about. When you think of the amount of torque that goes through it, the sideways movement from such a huge range of gears, it’s no wonder that this […]

GMBN Epic Rides: The Fort William Red Giant

– We’re at Nevis Range in Fort William, well-known for its World Cup downhill track over there. But today we’re gonna ride something else. This is the Red Route. – [Blake] Yeah, it’s Gondola accessed you don’t even have to pedal up. It’s 5.5 kilometres of trail, and it’s 643 metres of just down-hilling. – […]

How To Choose Lines With Andrew Neethling | Mountain Bike Skills

– Right, us guys here on GMBN are always telling you about picking the right line on the trail. What does that all mean? I’m here at Fort William and I know the right person that can give us the tips for me and you guys to learn the right lines. I’ve got Andrew Neethling […]