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Marcel Kittel’s Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc | Team Katusha’s Pro Road Bike

– This is the Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc belonging to Marcel Kittel of Team Katusha-Alpecin. Let’s have a close look at the bike which he’s literally just climbed off of, here at the UAE Tour. (electronic sounds) Let’s kick off with the frame then, shall we? Now the Aeroad Disc was released back at […]

Servicing An Air Shaft In Real Time | Mountain Bike Suspension Fork Service

– Hello, and welcome to another realtime service video. This time we’re focusing on air springs. (whooshing sounds) In the past, we’ve done really in-depth videos on lower leg services. So if this is all a bit of a dark art to you, click here for Doddy’s video. It’s a really in-depth how-to and a […]

Basic MTB Fork Maintenance You Should Be Doing | Mountain Bike Maintenance

– [Doddy] Mountain bike suspension is something we’ve all come to rely on as such an essential part of mountain biking these days. And while it’s really reliable and works very well once set up correctly, it’s all about the maintenance to ensure it stays working that way. So here’s some top maintenance mistakes that […]

We Tried To Hydro Dip Bike Parts

– Today we’re going to look at a sensation, or a phenomenon sweeping the internet right now with DIY enthusiasts. It’s called hydro-dipping. Now hydro-dipping is a process of applying a water transfer onto the most boring, the most uninspiring products ever. Think about this fork for instance. Today we’re going to turn this into […]

5 Changes To Make Your Mountain Bike Feel New!

– Let’s take a look at a few ways to make your steed feel fresh and new. Just the simplest changes to your setup can make your mountain bike feel like a brand new beast. – Yeah and let’s not forget that those setup changes can actually give you more confidence on your bike and […]

Will Riding Too Fast Break MTB Parts? | GMBN Tech

(bell chimes) – This is ask GMBN Tech, our weekly show, where we get to talk about mountain bike tech related stuff. So, if you guys got any questions, or anything you wanna know, fire your questions in to the email address on the screen there, or you can add yours in the comments below […]

Ask GMBN Tech: Should I Get An Oval Chainring?

(swooshing) – Hi, and welcome back to another Ask GMBN Tech. This is the weekly Q&A show. You send your questions in, and hopefully we get to answer them. Questions you can fire into the email address on the screen there. Use that hashtag #ASKGMBNTECH, and also you can add them in the comments below […]

10 Mountain Bike Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

– Considering all they go through mountain bikes are pretty tough things, so they don’t need that much maintenance to keep them going. However, there are a whole bunch of basic maintenance errors that people make, so here are ten of the best ones and how to avoid them. (up tempo music) So, number one, […]