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TRIALS Skills at Abandoned MANSION

hello, so today we’re looking for an abandoned house, I’m going by myself cause it’s quarantine and it sucks I think I found something there it is the perfect house, no fence abandoned and it’s pretty big, so we can do some sexy trial skills prety sick step one sneak in now we are inside […]

IndianxWorkhorse Appaloosa v2.0 at the Baikal Mile 2020

This is an epic adventure, really for all of us to arrive in Siberia to race on the ice. I’m really excited to see how this beast will go on ice in these extreme conditions. Yeah, for me it’s quite a challenge as it’s a double first First time riding on ice… …and first time […]

Campagnolo Riders: Alexander Kristoff – UAE Team Emirates

Hi, I’m Alexander Kristoff, in team UAE Team Emirates. I’m from Norway and usually I ride in Norway also for training. Except for races and training camps I’m always based in Norway. For me Campagnolo is quality, it was always a good experience with the Campagnolo gears and equipment. I also really like the WTO […]

6 of the best MTB Flat Shoes – 2020 | CRC |

If you’re riding flat out but don’t like clipping in, you’ll need some trail-grade MTB flat shoes to keep you anchored to the bike. Flat-soled mountain bike shoes are specially designed for glue-like control no matter how hairy things get. And while they don’t physically snap into your pedals in the same way as a […]

Garmin Edge 530 Review

Garmin Edge 530 Review The centrepiece of the Garmin Edge 530 is its 2.6-inch color display which, unlike the 520 Plus, offers adaptive brightness. That means you get a screen which can be seen clearly in sunlight or at night while saving you battery by adapting without you having to press a thing. In the […]


Welcome to a new video, today we are building the new downhill beast! Supported by Norco, Mountainlove and Shimano! Big thx to everyone! The whole saint group, a Fox 49 and Dt Swiss will be my parts of choice. Let’s go! Also Maxxis supports me for this season! Stoked! As you can see, i’m gonna […]

Hiking up Castle Hill in Townsville, Queensland, Australia

We are here in Australia. This is a completely new country for Sam and I. We are going to be exploring Queensland for the next two weeks. We’re actually starting our trip off here in Townsville and this morning we’re going to be climbing Castle Hill, which you can actually see over here in the […]