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Best Folding Bikes 2019 || Folding Bike Reviews || Folding Bicycle

Hey everyone. How’s it going? You know what, I’m having really good products for you and now in this video we are telling about the top ten best folding bikes. On my view or judgment I formed about something new and I have listed them based on facts and features. Guys! If you want to […]

Single Speed Overview – Brompton Bike Gearing Video Review

hey folks this is Peter from bikes and life. Now we’re here with one of the coolest cleanest simplest Brompton’s that you can get. Thats a single speed, S type with no fenders that S one gear. The reason why someone would get a single speed is because they wanted to look clean and beautiful, […]

Newton’s Brompton Folding Bike Story, Brompton Video

What a beautiful day in the city commuting around on a Brompton! Regular route traveled for me is going from Queens to the city and I’ve been doing it for a while things to the Brompton. I rarely use the subway because it’s healthier and just for fun to be on the back of a […]

Verge S8i – Ultimate Commuter Tern Folding Bike

Hey folks!! This is peter from bikes and life. Now we’re here to review a beautiful Tern bike, this one is called the verge s8i. Now this is a 20-inch wheel folding bike that pulls in half for compact storage and travel but it boasts some incredible features, that is pretty hard to find on […]

Folding Bike Revealed

This is the view atop Mill Mountain which is just east of Roanoke. Even on this cloudy day, you can see that the view is stunning. Coming into the here scene is downtown Roanoke. And justÊBeyond those hills is Blacksburg, home of Virginia Tech. Now if I turn around, you can see the giant star […]

Brompton Folding Bike Video Review

Hey folks this is Peter from Bikes & Life. Today I’m excited to show you a bike that I really fell in love with. Back in 2010, at that time I was working in a different shop and the owner was really excited and obsessed with these these Brompton folding bikes and when I first […]

Montague Urban Folding Bike Overview

I’m Kristina with Montague Bikes and I’m here with our Marketing Manager, Ryan Walas to talk about the Montague Urban. So this is kind of a light road bike. 21 speeds, so a nice wide gear range. And like you said it’s really good for around town riding. It does have a pretty cushy saddle, […]

Top 4 Best Cheap Folding Bike | Cheap & Best Foldable Bicycle

easylifedeal.com presents top 4 best cheap folding bike our topic Vilano a Rabanne a single speed folding bike verbina puts Vilano into this review with a high quality and an expensive folding bike this single speed model makes it perfect for city streets and is available in a white gray and matte black finish the […]

Folding Bikes – GreenZone Folding Bikes

Are you looking for Folding Bikes? Look no further than GreenZone Bikes. Take it with you everywhere you go! Ride it Then Hide it. GreenZone folding bikes offer a smooth and fun ride just like a regular bicycle. The light weight and portability makes our bikes extremely practical for commuting or just riding for fun […]