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Alumina 3 Bike Rack Intro – Softride Bike Rack

This is the Softride Aluimina 3 bike rack. It’s a lightweight aluminum rack. The base weight is 12 pounds, so it’s easy to install and de-install from the rear of your vehicle. This is a hitch-mounted rack that attaches to the inch-and-a-quarter and two-inch receiver hitches with the equipment in the box. The arms are […]

How to Make a Paper Glider

How to Make a Paper Glider. If you’re looking for hang time, this tried-and-true paper glider is just the ticket. You will need A sheet of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper and a ruler. Step 1. Place the paper on a flat surface in front of you, as if you’re about to write a letter. […]

How to move your Gi Fly Bike when it is folded

Hi! My name is Gabe and I’m here to show you how to move your folded bike. Before we get started, I want to tell you two important things: Number 1: Never move your folded bike backwards. This will make the left pedal get stuck in the spokes and it’s a messy business and you […]

How to lock your Gi Fly Bike

Hi everyone! Now that you have taken your bike out of the box, and you know how to fold your bike, you will want to learn how to lock your Gi Fly Bike. There are two requirements to be able to lock your Gi Fly. First, the bike needs to be folded. Second, the handle […]

How to unbox your Gi Fly Bike

Hello, my name is Agustin and today I’m going to show you how to assemble your Gi Fly Bike when you first get your Gi Fly box… If you have any plastic straps around the box you can remove them with a box cutter, pliers, or scissors or you can even slide them from the […]

How to fold your Gi Fly Bike (For Experts)

Hey everybody! My name is Gabe, this is Gi Fly. I’m here in beautiful Central Park in New York City. We got some cyclists, we got some drivers, we got some walkers, but the best part about today is that I’m here to show you how to fold and unfold your Gi Fly – welcome […]

Bicicleta Eléctrica E-Bike Cross Road Naranja

E-Bike Cross Road Foldable Handle. Easy to fold for an easier transport. Easy to use frame folding system. 250W rear support motor. Drive through sheer roads. 10-speed Shimano gearshift. 48W 8Ah Rechargeable built-in battery with great endurance. Easy and fast to fold and stock, as it occupies half of its full size. 3 levels of […]