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Maydena Bike Park – One Year On, What’s New? – Flow Mountain Bike

Hey folks! We’re here at Maydena Bike Park and look, no full-face helmet. Madeyna has certainly had a bit of a fearsome reputation for some challenging terrain and tough trails, and that might have turned off a few riders in the past. This is my first time riding here at Maydena and I was a […]

Giant Trance 29er 2019 – First Look – Flow Mountain Bike

Ta dah! The shrouds have lifted and now we can all get a good look at Giant’s new Trance 29er. Now before we delve into the bike let’s deal with the elephant in the room and we’re talking about the fact that only a few years ago Giant said it was 275 Life – 29ers […]

Tested: Trek Powerfly LT 9 Plus 2019 – Flow Mountain Bike

Late last year we had the chance to attend the official launch for this bike, the Trek Powerfly LT and while we got a pretty good idea of how it performed over on the dusty, dry moonscape soils of Mammoth Mountain in California, we always prefer and put a bike to test here on Australian […]

Specialized Epic Evo 2019 Review – Flow Mountain Bike

Cross country race bikes. They’re fantastic for winning at Strava but realistically they’re not a lot of fun in many other regards, are they? And so plenty of brands are looking for ways to extract more joy out of their cross-country race bikes, tone down that brutal edge of their performance a little bit and […]

Focus SAM2 2019: First Impressions – Flow Mountain Bike

The latest e-bike to roll through our doors for review is the Focus SAM2 This is a whopper. 170 millimeters of travel at both ends. Now we think a long travel a bike makes a lot of sense; you might as well have a bloody good time going back down if you don’t have to […]