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The Coolest Job In Pro Cycling?

(relaxed electronic music) – When I was a kind of up-and-coming cyclist, there was always a sponsor that I dreamed of having and in my case, it was Oakley. It was a tick of approval, if you like, that you’d made it in the world of cycling. Sadly for me, I never did, but today, […]

Polisport boodie raleigh avenir plus child kids seat kona ute cargo bike

The Polisport “Boodie” is practically the same as the Raleigh “Avenir” The 8mm rod follows the line of the original rod and is firmly clamped down – I bought mine from SCREWFIX (or Tool Station) The 8mm rod might be superfluous if all you do is crop the existing hoop down The tie-down loops over […]

How Emirates Makes 225,000 In-Flight Meals A Day

Narrator: Here in Dubai, Emirates Flight Catering makes 110 million in-flight meals a year. As the world’s largest catering facility, they run 24/7, cooking up every snack, dessert, and main dish eaten by the airline’s 55 million passengers a year. And these travelers eat a lot. In 2018, Emirates passengers downed 72 million bread rolls, […]