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How Does An E-Bike Ride Without The Battery? | Battery Vs No Battery

– The battery is a really important part of your e-bike. Obviously it powers you up the hills with all that assistance to the motor. Now we often gets asked the question here on EMBN about riding your e-bike without a battery. So today we’ve come to 417 Bike Park to see how it affects […]

Clipless Vs. Flat Pedals | Which Is Faster For Your Next Triathlon?

– For anyone starting out in cycling or triathlon, one of the first things you’re advised to buy for your bike is a pair of clipless pedals like these, and some cycling shoes. – Yeah so that you’re more powerful, you’re more comfortable and more efficient when you’re using pedals that you’re clipped into, as […]

How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : How to Remove a Rear Bicycle Tire

Flats are almost always on the rear wheel mainly because the rear wheel bears almost all of your weight, sixty percent is fat, and so therefore, don’t be intimidated by the presence of gears. The quick release lever will operate the same way as the front. Brakes will unhook just as the front, so we’ll […]

How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : How to Remove the Front Bicycle Wheel

So, you’ve realized that one of your tires is flat. We’ve gone through removing the brakes, opening them up. The next step would be to use your quick release lever to remove the wheel from the bike. Now, most quick release levers are labeled “Open On One Side”, it would be hard to see but […]

How to inject slime inner tube sealant into a Presta valve

Hello in this video I will show you an alternate way to get Slime sealant into your Presta valve tube Other youtubers like KriegerKrieg remove the valve lock nut I don’t like to do this because the lock nut threads are mushroomed to prevent it being removed and this could cause you to lose the […]

New Oakley MTB Range + Scott DH Bike Teased | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 55

– Welcome back to another weekly GMBN Tech show. As you can see, things look a bit different behind us here. I’m gonna explain that in a little while. Coming up on the show this week, we check out that brand new Scott Gambler. We also look at a chorizo and baguette holder for your […]

How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : How to Seat the Tire & Tire Valve

Again the last steps are making sure that the valve is seated; you achieve that by pushing it up so that none of the tube is below the beads of the tire as it sits in the rim and then pulling it down. And then going around and making sure taking a quick look at […]

How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : How to Check Bicycle Tire Pressure

So, lets say your bike needs to be pumped up. The first step would be to remove the valve cap, which we’ve already done. Most pumps are equipped today with two apertures, the larger one is for the schrader valve, the smaller is for the presta valve. We’ll start by showing you how to use […]