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Maintain Your Wheels | GMBN Tech How To

– We’re pretty lucky as mountain bikers with respect that the kit is pretty durable and tough these days. But, it still does require basic maintenance in order to avoid those costly repairs further down the line. Now although wheels are one of the those fundamental parts of the bike that you can’t ignore, most […]

How To Change A Spoke On Your Mountain Bike | MTB Maintenance

– Replacing a spoke can be one of those really annoying but it’s such an easy task. In my case, I actually rode through a bush, a stick got caught in the wheel and snapped the spoke. It could come down to fatigue that you need to replace that spoke, and in this video we’re […]

Used Downhill Bike gets Fixed, Ridden, and Named

Kevin has been a road biker for most of the time I’ve known him, but recently, things changed. In fact today Kevin white knuckled this step up to the point where it literally blew his shorts off. So to understand how we got to this point, a little explanation is in order. I don’t remember […]

Trash To Treasure | How To Fix Up An Old Bike

– Now it’s not often that you can get lucky with something pretty special just hanging around at the side of the street but I did ’cause a couple of months back on my way into work I stumbled across this very bike with this very sign just laying there ripe for my picking, let’s […]