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Star Trac Spinner Blade – Refurbished Staple Spinner Bike – Global Fitness

The Refurbished Star Trac Spinner Blade from Global Fitness is undoubtedly a staple Spinner Bike in most gym classes worldwide. The Refurbished Star Trac Spinner Blade features a sturdy design, Rust Proof Aluminum Frame, Precise Ergonomics, and a perfectly weighted flywheel, affords the user a true road bike feel, helping them to achieve their fitness […]

JLL® JF100 Upright Bike – Unboxing & Assembly

Once your box has arrived use a pair of scissors to remove the banding and tape. Open your box and remove all the parts, make sure to check all of the polystyrene before you throwing anything away. Check the parts against your manual to make sure you are not missing any items. Start by attaching […]

JLL® IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling™ Bike – Unboxing & Assembly

In this video we’re going to show you how to build an IC300 PRO. This is how your box will arrive it weighs just under 50kg, so we recommend you get two people to lift it. It’s got a line of sellotape around the top so we’re just going to get a good pair of […]

JLL® IC260 Indoor Cycling™ Bike – Unboxing & Assembly

Using a pair of scissors cut along the seal on top of the box. Once you’ve opened the box and removed the contents from the top, lift it gently on the side, and you should be able to pull it out. Remove the packaging from the inside of the box. Ensure that you check all […]