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Davide Formolo’s Specialized S-Works Tarmac | BORA-Hansgrohe Pro Bike

(logos whooshing) – It’s another GCN Pro Bike and this week I’ve got hold of this Davide Formolo’s specialized S-Works Tarmac. Right, lets get straight into it. Look at that for a start. The border hands got a custom paint job on this Tarmac. The Davide Formolo’s sticker there and the number one bike. This […]

Making a Carbon Fibre Bike Frame – From CAD Design to Downhill Race

[Music] [Applause] [Music] Hi everyone, Paul here from Easy Composites. If you’re a regular follower of our channel you’ll notice that this video is a bit different; it’s not our usual structured tutorial – this is more of an in-depth case study on the build of this carbon-fibre downhill bike. This bike was conceived, designed […]

560HP and 11,200 RPM | Georg Plasa Judd V8 Powered BMW E36 [TECH TOUR]

– These days it’s more common to find people building high performance, high powered turbocharged engines, so high revving naturally aspirated V8s are becoming more and more rare. However Georg Plasa’s E36 BMW hill climb car behind me, is probably one of the most recognisable in the European hill climb championship and I know I’ve […]

Are Carbon MTB Wheels Worth It? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

(dramatic booming) – Alright, it’s time for Ask GMBN. – Arsk. – Yeah, an Arsk. We’ve got loads of your questions submitted underneath, the other videos from last week’s Ask. Lots of good questions. – Very good. – So we’ll get in there and try to answer them. – Right. – Neil, first question is […]

The All New 2019 Canyon Strive | GMBN First Ride

– So I’m here in Koblenz in Germany to take a look at a very special bike, the brand new Canyon Strive. To see how it’s changed and how it’s developed from the old Canyon Strive. (exciting music) The Canyon Strive burst onto the mountain bike scene at almost exactly the same time as the […]

Road Bikes With Disc Brakes: Hot Or Not? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 70

(logo zooms) – Welcome to the GCN Tech show. – This week we’ve got ourselves a new GPS, a book all about climbs, a new 12-speed group set, plus a brand new Pinarello. – And our main talking point, which look better, disc brake bikes or rim brake bikes. – Well, I know the answer […]

Is Suspension On Road Bikes Just A Gimmick? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 68

(bassy explosions) – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – This week, we’ve got loads of new tech. New bikes, custom shades, the bike vault, your upgrade, plus our main talking point, is suspension on road bikes just a gimmick? Can of worms, that jon. – It is a can of worms. – Can of […]

Should You Ride Your E-Bike Derestricted? | Ask EMBN Anything About E Biking

– Welcome to the first ever Ask EMBN. Where we get to talk, not just about parts and products but people, places. – Basically anything you guys wanna know about Ebikes, Me and Steve will bang our heads together, combine our experience, knowledge and get back to you any questions you got, #ASKEMBN, drop in […]