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Your DIY Custom Cycling Tech + Bike Bling | GCN Tech Show Ep.63

– Right this week on the GCN tech show, I’m gonna check out Cav’s new Custom Kicks, two very special edition bikes, plus a 20th anniversary Pantani bike, which is very cool indeed. Not to mention, bits of custom tech that you’ve been submitting for me to check out as well as all the usual […]

Athertons Launch Their Own Bikes | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 56

– Welcome to another weekly GMBN Tech show. Coming up on this week’s show we check out Aaron Gwin’s new Intense, the Atherton family are now making bikes, I’ve got a pretty cool GoPro hack for you lot, and we’ve got some really cool submissions from all of you amazing people. (swoosh and clang) Okay […]

The Best Bikes At The Taipei Cycle Show 2019

– We’re back in Taipei for the Taipei Bike Show the world’s biggest industry bike trade show and in this video we’re gonna show you the best and most exciting bikes on display here so let’s get to it better ride to the show, let’s go what! (powerful music) Oh, serious bike porn time now. […]

Are “Cheap” Ebay Carbon Fiber Bike Parts Worth Buying?

Hey guys. You may have seen some of these inexpensive carbon fiber bike parts on ebay and wondered if they’re worth the money. I’ve got just a small sample of carbon parts to show you. Ones that I have a little bit of expierence with. You probably started looking at them because they’re lighter than […]

New Pinarello Dogma F12 | Team Ineos’ 2019 Race Bike: First Look

– Team Ineos don’t just have new name they’ve got a new bike too. This is the brand new Pinarello Dogma F12. And it is an absolutely weapon. Look at it. And it’s even the new as of yet, unseen Team Ineos livery with this really smart burgundy fade running up it too. But, if […]

Should You Buy Alloy Or Carbon Mountain Bike? | Ask GMBN Tech

– Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech. Of course this is the weekly Q and A show. You ask the questions, and we try and give you the right answers. Get your questions into the email address on the bottom of the screen there, or get involved in those comments. Don’t forget to use the hashtag […]