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Mistakes That Are Slowing You Down | Mountain Bike Skills

– This video is all about correcting some mistakes that might be slowing you down. You might not realize you’re doing them. (upbeat music) Rock gardens, braking bumps and rooty sections can really give your arms and suspension a proper workout, sometimes you can just bash through on the mainline or racing line, but actually […]

Pro Cycling Training Secrets With Elia Viviani

– I’m out here in Italy and I’m wildly excited, not just because the sun is shining and it’s warm, I’m not wearing a single thermal layer, but I’ve been invited to come out and ride with Elia Viviani at the Montichiari velodrome. And I’m pretty excited, ’cause it’s been a while since I was […]


Hello Today I will show you how to modify hill climb racing First I will show you that the app is genuine It costs £13.99 without the mod Now download Lucky Patcher the link is in the description. Once downloaded click on hill climb Now click open menu of patches If you have root you […]

Artist Rebuilds A Street Legal IndyCar

00:04 COMM: This Indie car may look more at home on the race track but its really street legal and guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes. 00:12 COMM: I’ve never seen nothing like it. 00:14 WOMAN: Its street legal? 00:19 COMM: Dean Loucks from Michigan bought the Indy car in 2007, a previous owner […]

Gadgets And Techniques To Boost Your Cycling Recovery

– That’s actually mental. (dramatic sound) Welcome to part three of my quest to take on the hour record and see if I can beat the legendary Eddy Merckx and his distance of 49.431 kilometers. This is going to be the hardest physical challenge I’ve ever undertaken. And no matter what you’re training for, in […]

Best of Italy Festival 2016 + I did an Hillclimb Flatout!

Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino! Today I’m in Castel Arquato, in the beautiful Emilia Romagna region which is home of some of the best supercar manufacturers in the world to take part to the Best of Italy supercar event, whose target is guess what? Gather the best of Italy! In fact, this is our starting […]