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Mountain Ride | Cieneguitas Dam with MaxiBikers | Mountain Bike

– Are you ok? – Yes, I’m fine… – Wait, don’t move him “In today’s adventure we will catch up with our friends of MaxiBikers… who will take us to the dam of Cieneguitas.” – Some flat tire – Always have to be prepared with a tube – I want to buy one – Right! […]

The Quiet Season | A Cycling Short Film

I love this time of year. I call it the Quiet Season. I love riding out to the Great Salt Lake through the farmland, where there is little or no traffic. I rarely see other riders, but the ones I do see are serious ones like me. I never see other women riders, I must […]

How To Prepare Your E-Bike For Winter | EMTB Maintenance

– So winter is coming and that doesn’t mean your e-biking has to come to an end. It’s actually where these bikes excel. They love winter, they love going out there in the mud and getting covered in it. There’s a few little steps and little hacks we can do to our bikes to get […]

Massive Mountain Bike Crashes | GMBN Crash Reel July 2018

– Welcome to this month’s Fails and Bails where we’ve gathered all of those insane fails and bails that you guys have sent in. We picked out the good ones. – Yes, we have. Now, please remember all of these have been sent in by willing participants who want us to share in fun their […]

How To Stop Going Over The Bars On Your Mountain Bike

– OTB. Out the front door over the bars. I’m sure we’ve all done it, and occasionally still do, but this is how to try to avoid it. – Whoa! (smash) – Whooaaa! – The front brake, I think that’s a mistake that almost all of us made as a novice, is to rely on […]