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Fails and Bails of the Year 2019

– Merry Christmas everyone, from a few, few days ago! I got some great goodies from family and friends, yes! Welcome to this months fails and bails, it is December, it’s nearly the end of the year, we’ve basically gone through a whole year of biking, crash or no crash. Some of us come out […]

Crazy offroad test in desert Sahara on Yamaha dual sport motorcycles

Hello my friends… Some people say, that this bike is not good for heavy offroad riding. Today I want to give you a proof that they are wrong. I think, there is no better place for offroad testing, than sand dunes of desert Sahara. OK my friends… Thank you for watching me and… see you […]

Street Bike Tommy Is the King of Doing Sketchy Things | Ridiculousness

– All right, why I’m so excited about this show, because the truth of the matter is it’s not the belly, or that tight shirt. You have done so many sketchy things man. I mean let’s talk about hospital visits. – Yeah I go to the ER pretty often, normally by helicopter flights. – In […]

Street Bike Tommy’s Life Is a Ridiculousness Category | Ridiculousness

– Welcome back to Ridiculousness and we are absolutely on fire right now, because we can basically make a category out of your life. (laughs) – I’m an internet genius, man. – You, you want to know what? You are a physical large man genius. (laughs) Okay, pour a little bit of stunt sugar on […]