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How To Deal With Bad Roads And Potholes | GCN’s Cycling Tips

– [Matt] Rumbling and rattling over rutted rugged cracked uneven potholed road is something, that all cyclist will have to face from time to time And some, more than others, depending on where you live – [Simon] Yeah, it can be jarring experience in more ways than one with punctures, broken wheels, sometimes even crashes […]

Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 Road Bike Review

Hey folks this is Peter from Bikes and Life. Now here it’s a little early season review of the giant TCR. Now this giant all-around road race bike Great spinter, great climbers, super light and very very fast. The most impressive thing about the TCR Advanced Pro 1 is how giant was able to increase […]

Vintage Peugeot Road Bike Restoration

Welcome to another bike, and another Restoration This, well I am not to sure what this is. I know it is a Peugeot! and it is from the early 1980’s just purely because of the components that are on the bike but the bike has been heavily painted So yes…A lot of cleaning to do […]

Faraday Cortland Electric Bike Video Review

Hey folks!! This is Peter from bikes and life. Now here in beautiful Monterey Bay California, at the sea otter Bike Festival with the Faraday Portland. The coolest thing about this bike of course is that step through frame, so instead of having to swing your bike way back over the seat like that, you […]

Newton’s Brompton Folding Bike Story, Brompton Video

What a beautiful day in the city commuting around on a Brompton! Regular route traveled for me is going from Queens to the city and I’ve been doing it for a while things to the Brompton. I rarely use the subway because it’s healthier and just for fun to be on the back of a […]

Tuto portage VTT – Alexis Righetti explique comment porter son VTT

hey Dimitri… we are the only MTB riders in the world… who are better at carrying bikes… than piloting them! TUTO: HOW TO CARRY YOUR MTB to go up with your bike… there’s this way but often it’s not enough when the field gets too rough, even with an e-bike it’s impossible to pedal usually […]

Basiswissen zum E-Bike

– “Das E-Bike kann den Alltag durchaus bereichern, weil es die Möglichkeit schafft, Entfernungen zurück zu legen, die man vorher vielleicht mit dem Fahrrad nicht zurücklegen konnte. Außerdem bietet es eine Alternative zu dem Auto, weil man keine Parkplätze mehr suchen muss, weil es halt eben entsprechend auch deutlich geringeren Energieverbrauch hat und weniger Platz […]

E-Bikes nerven Wanderer | Zur Sache! Baden-Württemberg

* Live-Untertitel im Auftrag des SWR Mit Vollgas durchs Unterholz. E-Bikes machen selbst schmale Wanderpfade zur Rennpiste. Da sollte man besser nicht im Weg stehen. Kein Wunder, dass mache Wanderer inzwischen schwer genervt sind. Schönen guten Abend, herzlich willkommen. Fahrräder mit Hilfsmotor boomen. Es verkaufen sich inzwischen Elektro-Mountainbikes glänzend. Es ist bequem, ohne Anstrengung jeden […]