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I paint a bike helmet with spray paint like my socks !!!

hi my name is Martin and we are here at the ETOE paint shop and today I like to ignite a little firework of colors and I like to paint a little bicycle helmet like my socks DIY style so you can do it yourself if you want to so let’s start with the preparation […]

BZEN e-bike, presenting the Amsterdam model

The Belgium startup BZEN we make smart and comfortable city e-bike for urban riders we are presenting the Amsterdam model rejuvenating one of the oldest and most popular city bike. The BZEN logo on the front tube. The bike is designed for pure comfort with a straight sitting position, a very lightweight of only 14.6kg […]

Xiaomi QiCYCLE – Cooles E-Bike 2018 top Qualität 25km/h

This is my new e-bike. the Xiaomi QiCYCLE – EF1.An electric bicycle to fold. The battery is in the thick long tube and the electric motor is in front of the wheel. The board computer is in Chinese but there is ok. You just have to know where the speed of 100 to 0% and […]

Garmin Edge 830: Testsieger im GPS-Geräte-Test in BIKE 7/19

Hello dear BIKE readers, whether on an Alpine crossing, when riding loops or looking for new trails: Those who want to navigate completely relaxed and without getting lost, needs a GPS device. But the latest generation of mob computers can do much more than just navigate and track. They are small, diversely linked and control […]


Hi everybody ! I hope you are well ! Today I’m super fine ! I received this little package ! It’s my new bike! We will make a small unboxing of the cardboard We will built this bike together! Let’s go ! The color is just crazy ! Soo the bike is ready to ride […]


Hey it’s Jimmy! Today we are together for a new video. And today we will see a rather special video, we will redo a presentation, a presentation of the Inspired Flow 20″. Many of you appreciate the presentation of the Flow 24. Today we will see the model for kids or for people up to […]

VTT BRUTAL : Alexis, Fatscal, le rocher cèdera – MTB, enduro, freeride

the start is hard there are cliffs evreywhere directed by Alexis Righetti today I’m taking you to the Queyras backcountry it’s the first time I ride in high mountains after my accident it will rock! hi Pascal I present you the best fatbike rider in France ok, one of the bests maybe you don’t know […]


Whats up guys! New Video! We just drove to Walmart! Sam and Lukas are here as well! Thanh behind the lens! We are going to buy the cheapest trash bikes we can find at walmart Gonna ride them till they break and see who’s bike lasts longest! lets check the bikes out! lets go! who’s […]