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The Mountain Bike Fork That Broke Doddy’s Face | Ask GMBN Tech

(electronic music) – Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech, in fact this one is a little bit different to usual. This is ask me specific questions, a special this month. The guys on our social media team put some posts up asking you guys to ask me some questions about the worst bikes I’ve ridden, the […]

Specialized Dissident Helmet

It’s all in your mind. The inside or outside line, whether to brake or not, but in certain situations you may elect to ride out of your mind. For those moments there is our Dissident Helmet. Its carbon fiber shell, optimized for strength and weight. With its wide goggle port, select your line with maximum […]

Full Face Helmets For Kids? Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– Welcome to ask GMBN, this is our weekly show where you ask us questions and we hopefully answer them. – You can get your questions in to the address on the bottom of the screen, right there and also you can add them in the comments, use that #AskGMBN. Alright, take it away, what […]