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Good Afternoon DUDE Good Evening Nivea cream xD Ovi : Give me more Nivea xD Ovi : It surprisingly works Ovi : That’s enough xD This is way better Nobody cares , we can go Full send Full send !! Costi , look Kinda big There? That’s good This is so easy I think I […]

Downhill on a Trials Bike |SickSeries #52

hey guy´s it´s us again, Sick Series today is the day today we´re doing something special – you guy´s wanted it and we will take it as a challenge we´re here in Saalbach – two day´s after the Glemmride and we´re standing in front of the Pro Line and do you know which bike´s we´re […]

Epic Basketball Trickshots on a Bike |SickSeries#41

Hey guy´s, it´s us again, Sick Series and you´ll think what am I doing with a basketball in my hands? we are here at the “Allstar-Day” of the German Basketball league and we are going to do a big crossover! Here we go! We will do some trickshot´s on our Bikes Double 3-point´s shot – […]


Good morning xD Ovi : Oliver , smile xD You don’t have enough strength to lift it up , huh? It’s heavy xD Ovi : The problem is the bike stand can’t withstand the weight of the bike It’s like a motocross lmao We should put an engine on this Ovi : chainsaw engine xD […]

Behind the Scenes “Urban Freeride Lives”

Hey guys it’s me Fabio and today I’ll give you a deeper insight into my latest urban freeride video in Salzburg It’s sick how many people already watched the video I think it has already over 850.000 views big thanks to everyone of you for your comments, for your awesome feedback, for sharing and so […]


Where are you? Costi: Hello? Where are you? Costi : home? It’s 8 o’clock Costi : yes I know , I was working on the bike Come on faster Costi : I am there in 5 minutes bye Costi : bye Siri : Calling Antonio Blaga on speaker Anto: Good morning I put salt on […]

Rawisode 12: Street riding in Vienna

(Guy): Hey! (Fabio): Hey! (Guy): Your videos are really great! (Fabio): Thanks (Fabio): Thanks! I just lost my balance Slippery, but first try! My tires are finally wet now. I jumped down there in my Vienna Video (Urban Freeride Lives in Vienna) (Man): Nice, digga! (Fabio): Thanks! Yes, it´s green! Ok, let me know in […]