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Let´s Go to Canada 2.0 | SickSeries#68

I got bread! I have quite a good knowledge of bears Mtb-Cribs Hi Guys, what´s up? It´s is us again with the sick series. This time from beautiful Canada! Exactly, we are in Kamloops Looks sick, we haven´t ridden it yet. We are trying it now. But how did we end up here? Good Day, […]


hey guys whats up welcome to a new video today I am teaching you 10 mountain bike tricks i am going to show you the tricks on my dirt jump bike but for sure they are also possible on a slope styler, free rider, downhiller or enduro (most of them are atleast) we are starting […]

TRIAL on MTB |Sick Series #33

hey guy´s, it´s us again, Sick Series some of you will know the place where we are we are riding our mountainbikes, our Specialized Stumpjumper and today we will see how much trial we can do on a mtb so Elias will start with an easy line now 360 wait a little bit just do […]


so much going on here crazy so sick to ride here. everybody is driving so crazy you can basically do whatever you want stairgap the worlds biggest quarter pipe dropping in from up there discovered something this spot is full of all those banks such a paradise drops on drops worlds biggest quarter again that […]

I’m giving away my custom SPECIALIZED BIKE!

hey guys what’s up forgive me marry me again and today I’ve got something very very special for you gonna make this video in English as I said that I’m gonna make more and more videos in English six years will be for sure in German with English subtitles and I’m also gonna add German […]

High Speed Bike Delivery | SickSeries #66

Dude, that was so much fun. Right! Servas Loidln! Welcome to our newest Sick! Series Episode. I forgot which number exactly but probably something in the 60s. Anyway. We are currently in our new office. Marius, our new cutter, is back there working on our videos. Elias sits right here. – Fabio is over there. […]


it works hey guys whats up and welcome from Zurich as I mentioned in the latest upload we for sure went for a street ride over here today on the dirt jump bike so lets check out which street spots, skateparks and stairs Zurich has to offer spot 1: look at this insane track I […]

20 MTB Tricks to survive the Winter

20 Mountainbike tricks to survive the winter Yo! I hope you guys enjoyed this little video if so, give a thumbs up or leave a comment take your bike, go out and have some fun until next time! see you guys