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10 Ways To Improve Your Average Speed On The Bike – Cycle Faster!

improving our average speed on ride is something that we would all like to achieve and actually is something which we all packaging either by working harder or taking our equipment for improving our technique or actually only about put together yeah whichever way you go about it should be a tip you in this […]

How Much Faster Are Modern Bikes? | Retro Vs Modern

– [Simon] Bike technology moves really quickly. Every year new products come out that are lighter, stiffer, more aerodynamic. All supposedly making us faster. But, how much difference does it actually make? How much faster are modern bikes? I really want to find out. – [retro-Simon] So do I. – Nice bike. – Oh, thank […]

Top Ten Cheap Or Free MTB Upgrades

– [Neil] Who likes a freebie? – [Scott] I do. – Lucky. This is our top 10 upgrades for little or no money. Make your own front mudguard. Make a template out of cardboard that fits onto your fork base and wrap it around the fork legs, and then cut one out of plastic. I’ve […]

How To Climb Anything On Your Mountain Bike | MTB Skills

– [Man 1] Unless you live at a bike park with uplifts, you’re going to have to ride to the top of the hills. – [Man 2] For the majority of us, we spend more time pedaling to the top of the trails than we do descending. – So let’s show you the basics of […]

Top 10 Hacks To Make You Faster | Mountain Bike Skills & Tips

Hacks are things you can do to make your life easier, save you some money, or improve your ride. These are our Top 10 Hacks to Make You Faster. ♪ [music] ♪ Aerodynamics make a massive difference at speeds over 20 kilometers an hour, so if you’re really serious about going faster, why not wear […]