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J’aime le Sri Lanka. Cette île est petite et magnifique. Elle a beaucoup à offrir, végétation luxuriante, faune, paysages incroyables, des gens super, une culture riche et le bouddhisme. Je veux quelque chose de réel. Voilà pourquoi je préfère rester plus longtemps, trouver mon chemin, rencontrer des gens. Comme Nalinda, ce Sri Lankais qui m’a […]

Blake’s Pro Diary | Riding The Audi Nines

(hip hop music) – So we’ve arrived in Frankfurt. And we’re on our way to Audi Nines. Got my luggage, I’m all ready. Now I just gotta go through this big green square thing and go find the shuttle. I’ll see you on the other side. (hip hop music) So obviously it’s not a bus, […]

How to Set Up Cyclocross Bikes : How to Adjust Cyclocross Bike Seat Height

MICKEY DENONCOURT: If you already have a road bike that you’re comfortable with the fit of or a mountain bike that you’re also comfortable with the fit of, generally, for your seat height on your cyclocross bike, you know, from the center here to the top here, you want to be about the same. You […]

Tuto portage VTT – Alexis Righetti explique comment porter son VTT

hey Dimitri… we are the only MTB riders in the world… who are better at carrying bikes… than piloting them! TUTO: HOW TO CARRY YOUR MTB to go up with your bike… there’s this way but often it’s not enough when the field gets too rough, even with an e-bike it’s impossible to pedal usually […]

Track Cycling in Denmark – Red Bull Mini Drome 2013

The market has grown a lot since the smaller bike shops and bigger markets started selling the fixie bikes. To me it’s “just” a bike that’s a little different compared to the normal bikes. They are a bit more fun to ride. You get that – that special feeling off riding a track bike. There […]

MOUNTAIN BIKE I Les Aventures de TiTo I Saison 1 # 1 INDE

A chaque fois que je ridais avec mon VTT en Inde les gens étaient super contents, mais aussi surpris ! Ils n’ont pas l’habitude de voir des vélos comme ça. Ils ne voient pas les choses comme nous, comme un terrain de jeux. C’est leur vie ! Tu dois venir dans ce pays avec beaucoup […]

How to Set Up Cyclocross Bikes : How to Adjust Cyclocross Bike Handlebar Width

MICKEY DENONCOURT: Setting up the handlebars on your cyclocross bike is going to be–you’re going to look for different things than on a road bike. A road bike, you probably want the narrowest handlebars you can get away with and still being comfortable for aerodynamics. You know, the closer your hands are together, the lower […]


After landing it’s time to unpack our bikes I hope the bikes have survived the flight So we started building the bikes with Tobi There is the airport where we landed today Here we are staying tonight and we will go this direction tomorrow morning What do I do here in Greenland? My teammate Tobi […]

How to Set Up Cyclocross Bikes : How to Change a Road Bike to a Cyclocross Bike

MICKEY DENONCOURT: So cross bikes look really similar to road bikes, and the fit that you’re going for is really similar as well. Your primary concern when you’re setting up a road bike is, you know, a powerful position, you know, something where, you know, you’re efficient. And then the secondary thing is really more […]