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Hi everybody, I hope you are well ! Today I’m going to answer a question that come very often in the comments: Can we do streettrials with a bmx? The answer is NO ! That’s it for this video, I hope you liked it, Do not hesitate to put… No, more seriously, today we will […]

Funny video – Indian Bike Jumping , Thrashing Guaranteed

OK, OK Turn, Turn, Turn around and lift it up After this post, this post Lift it up after this post You moron ….Lift it up,after the post Lift it up after the post you idiot? Is it okay? -Ok, Ok Not yet Oh…. sure to be put to task in milk water (colloquial phrase […]

Baby Biker: 4-Year-Old Has Insane Motorcycle Skills

COMM: While most 4-year-olds are playing with toy motorbikes, incredibly Tima Kuleshov is already riding them. COMM: And his fastest bike can go an impressive 45 miles an hour. COMM: He started riding a bicycle before he was 2 years old and soon took part in competitions. COMM: Just a few months later, he began […]


daaaaangerous hey guys whats up and welcome to a new video i am out in the streets of malaga today with sam pilgrim and Marc Diekmann we are at the first spot right now which is a huge ditch you can drop in and also use it as a big bank someone shaped a concrete […]

VTT hivernal : neige, vent, chutes, on abandonne !

WINTER RIDE directed by Alexis Righetti it’s 7 am we have been waiting for this outing for 2 weeks the weather is very bad in the Pyrenees since 10 days snow, rain, wind… it’s the first bright period we’ll enjoy with Fanny I don’t fell it well… it was supposed to be sunshine and the […]

See Thru Engine on Turbo Nitro and Dyno (How much HP does it make?)

Welcome back to Warped perception. This is episode 5 of the see-through engine series. If you haven’t seen any of the previous episodes. And you want to watch those first. They’re all in the series playlist. In chronological order. If not I’m going to jump right into it. And bring you up to speed. Now […]

Sahara Cycling: Biking One of the World’s Harshest Environments

00:01 DAN: I’m about to embark on an adventure cycling across the Sahara desert. I’ve just been bitten by a snake. 00:14 COMM: In the summer of 2014, 23-year-old Briton Daniel Ofili set out on an epic adventure to cycle across the Sahara desert. 00:27 COMM: The journey was 1800km from Morocco to Senegal across […]