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CAR.O.L Stationary HIIT Bike Review [2019]

all right hi guys when I introduce you to a bike a stationary bike called Carol Carol a I because it’s powered by artificial intelligence and it’s a bike that is meant for high-intensity interval training or hip strain as you might have heard and the advantage of this bike is that you can do […]

Two Simple Ways to Prevent Injuries While Mountain Biking

Get the quality care you need from our multidisciplinary team of experts in sports injury treatment and prevention, so you can recover quickly and get back in the game. Hi, my name’s Chang Yuan, I’m a physiotherapist at Lifemark. I’ve been treating patients for over ten years now. I’ve been seeing athletes and a little […]

Gadgets And Techniques To Boost Your Cycling Recovery

– That’s actually mental. (dramatic sound) Welcome to part three of my quest to take on the hour record and see if I can beat the legendary Eddy Merckx and his distance of 49.431 kilometers. This is going to be the hardest physical challenge I’ve ever undertaken. And no matter what you’re training for, in […]

Lifespan Fitness EXER-90H Exercise Bike

The Lifespan Fitness Exer-90H is an air resistance, dual action exercise bike. Our new air resistance system allows for a dynamic workout experience with resistance increasing as you input more power into the system – helping you to push your body to its limits. Unlike most exercise bikes, the EXER-90H allows you to power through […]

Yoga For Cyclists – Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone and welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and today we have an awesome practice for you. We’re tackling yoga for cyclists today and of course this practice is for anyone. Super great for the calves, the glutes, the lower back, the mid-back, the upper back, the chest. You name it, […]

Cycling Apparel, Safety, Gear & Repair : Road Hazards & Bicycle Safety Tips

This is Jim Toledano for Expert Village talking about road hazards and other things that you might run across or try avoid running across when you’re biking on the streets. What you don’t want to do is run over anything that’s either going to stop you, divert you, or cut your tires. You need to […]