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Hottest New Road Bike Tech | Eurobike 2018

– Brace yourselves because coming up we have got some the hottest, new road bike tech out there. – That’s right, we’re here at Eurobike. 13 halls and over 1400 exhibitors, showing the latest and greatest products. – We’ve got our work cut out Ollie, we better get a move on. You go that way, […]

Wahoo KICKR Bike indoor cycle trainer launches

So I’m Chip Hawkins for Wahoo Fitness here at Eurobike 2019 with our new KICKR bike we’ve just launched today. Give you a little bit of a rundown on what we’ve done trying to take indoor indoor cycling to a new world. Starting with the shifters we’ve built our Wahoo shifter that supports all the […]

Closca Fuga – The Bike Helmet at MoMA

Think about a bicycle helmet. Now forget about it. When we created Fuga we didn’t just think about a bicycle helmet It had to be a unique product. That a product fulfills its function to perfection is always a good objective. That a product makes us fall in love is a huge challenge. It’s not […]

2020 E Bike Tech Extravaganza | Eurobike 2019 Highlights

– So, E-Mountain bikes certainly have taken over Eurobike 2019. We’ve already looked at the motors, we’ve looked at the bikes, so this times let’s have a look at some of the other highlights from Eurobike 2019. (upbeat music) Now Ergon have got a new E-mountain core prime saddle. Loads of cool features on it […]

TACX Flow Smart Trainer – Unboxing, Building, Ride Review

The TACX Flow Smart Trainer – Is this the new contender for the cheapest interactive Smart trainer on the market today? Worth having a look at. Today, let’s go through the unboxing, build and my first ride of this lower end unit or entry-level unit. Is this the new stocking stuffer for this year for […]

Review: Riese and Muller Load 75 Electric Bike

– [Karen] Hi, my name is Karen Wiener from The New Wheel Electric Bicycles, and I am joined here today by the important Load 75 from Riese & Müller, and my partner in crime… – [Brett] Awesome partner. – …lover, and business partner, Brett Thurber. We thought we would take this opportunity to…Mommysplain and mansplain […]