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a wake electric surfboard design with speed in mind the awake avec electric surfboard is capable of leading other boards in its wake that’s mostly due to its patent-pending awake direct drive power train that avoids the power losses of traditional jet based crafts its carbon-fiber body is very hydrodynamic provides control and stability and […]

How To Look After Your MTB Kit | Clothing & Equipment Care

– We’re always talking about looking after your bike here at GMBN. But what about your riding kit? It’s just as important. So today we’re going to look at pre-ride, post-ride and also a little bit of maintenance you can do to keep your kit looking fresh and not smelling, really. (crunching loudly) Okay, so […]


welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new world of science fun and machines before we begin and subscribe now and don’t miss anything switch by the switch bike is one of the most exciting innovations in transport and my personal favorite it is lightweight fit steer handlebars and has been demonstrated to give your […]

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Tips on Sport Bike Tires

Hi, my name is Chad. I’m going to talk a little more about sport bikes. We talked about various modifications that can make a bike faster and handle a little better. But one of the most critical subjects is tires. Tires on a motorcycle are just unbelievably important. A lot of technology work is going […]

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Having a Heavy Sport Bike Jacket

Hi, my name is Chad. We’re talking about sport bikes and sport bike gear. We’ve covered helmets and gloves and light jackets. We’re now going to talk about a little heavier, better protecting jackets- race quality stuff. Jackets generally, for serious riding- racing- are made out of leather. This one’s cow hide. Current racer technology […]

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Demonstration of Sport Bike Riding

Hi, my name is Chad. We’re talking about sport bikes today, and now we’re just going to go for a quick little ride. Everything looks tight, everything looks good, so the bike’s safe to ride, so I’m going to go ahead and take it out. The controls on the motorcycle are basically, you have your […]

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Sport Bike Helmets Tips

Hi, my name is Chad. I’m going to talk a little bit more about sport bikes. This time we’re going to cover some gear- we’re going to start with helmets. As we’ve said, with a bike, your gear is important as anything you can choose on the bike. You don’t walk out buying a bike […]

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : The History of Sport Bikes

Hi, my name is Chad. I’m going to talk a little bit about the origin of sport bikes. Sport bikes are, compared to other motorcycles, race replicas. And what that basically is is they are streetable versions of motorcycles that are used for motorcycle races. The technology is adapted to make it applicable for street […]