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Good morning xD Ovi : Oliver , smile xD You don’t have enough strength to lift it up , huh? It’s heavy xD Ovi : The problem is the bike stand can’t withstand the weight of the bike It’s like a motocross lmao We should put an engine on this Ovi : chainsaw engine xD […]

4×4 Recovery Goes Seriously Wrong

>You good to go? Now the station owner, he’d asked us to explore some new fishing spots on the coast. There was just Simon, myself, and Al the cameraman, and we were about 6 hours drive from the nearest help. We’d set up camp on the edge of these tidal pans and scouted the area […]

This BMX Trick Took 50 Tries

This is one of the hardest tricks I’ve ever done on BMX. There’s so many different rotations. I’m R. Willy. And my world’s first is a Silly Willy on BMX. [MUSIC PLAYING] So the Silly Willy, AKA 360 double front flip on BMX, came about because I landed on scooter about three years before. And […]

Our Backyard Hides A Unique Freeride Trail | MT PELERIN 2018

So Timeo just discovered a canyon Timeo: We will come back here to shape a new line between those rocks Thats what you call a cliff I don’t know if you can see how steep it is Timeo: It’s still not steep enough This is Rampage Mt Pèlerin Andrew: Soon you will need a wingsuit […]


Hello everyone! Here I am with a new adventure. Now I’m facing a climb of 5,5Km, with an average gradient of 3%, with peaks of 10%. And this is rising, leading to the Basilica of Superga. Do not close the video because I have some beautiful surprises for you! 🙂 Bye Bye! 🙂 As always, […]

Pete Whittaker Interview – Crack Climbing

We’re here, in the cellar! With Pete Whittaker! Hello Thanks for letting us come and see your cellar and talk to you about your new book ‘Crack Climbing’ Thank you for coming, not my cellar though, Tom Randall’s cellar 🙂 We’ve borrowed Tom’s cellar So you’ve been climbing for a long time what got you […]

Bikepacking In Patagonia | GCN’s South American Gravel Adventure

(upbeat music) – What bike and equipment do you take when you’re bikepacking in Patagonia? Well, let me tell you. (graphics whoosh) Hopefully you’ve seen Mark Beaumont’s and my video where we tackle dirt and a gravel loop in the Patagonian lake district by now. But if you haven’t make sure you check it out […]