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Remember – Riding Mountainbike with Rodolphe Pasciuto I VAUDE

I remember. From where come that bond, the sensibility and the need to be there, with her. Ever since i was a young boy, i have been growing up besides her, watching, using my senses to learn from her, feel her and know her better. I’m vanishing and let make myself one with that breeze […]

The Biggest Bike Shuttle in the World: Mountain Biking Extreme (HD) I VAUDE

then we stood behind us the Bernese Oberland before us descent a 3,000 vertical feet in the valley how we got here with biggest bike shuttle in the world if there’s one thing that connects Switzerland it’s possible they go to the most remote valley and to the highest passive and what makes him so […]

Vertriders: Mountain Biking Extreme “The Line” (Full HD) I VAUDE

What I really like are trails that soak up a landscape. That the difficulty of getting up and down is resolved in an asthetic manner. You walk up between rock towers and have this incredible view of the Dolomites. The amazing thing about the Piz da Peres trail is that when you look up, you […]