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Go with less.

{Dillon’s voice} This van’s really a social experiment of sorts. We’re interested in off-the-grid living so we can get out there and ride more bikes but also we really wanted to make sure that we could be sustainable as possible in building it. {Nicole’s voice} I feel like just going through this and having this […]

Harcourt Mountain Bike Park Update 5 December 2017

I’m standing on a trail here in the southern section of the Park and you can see behind the fantastic views of Harcourt and the surrounding areas. The trail that I’m standing on here is an advanced trail and it runs around up onto the edge of the southern knoll which has got some fantastic […]

Companies Don’t Get a Free Ride on Paying Attention to the Planet

How do you pay attention to the planet? I know, it’s a big question, but maybe it starts with your community. In our book, Attention Pays, we talk about how we pay attention in the world, personally, professionally, and globally. Personally it’s about who deserves your attention and being thoughtful. Professionally, it’s about what deserves […]

Harcourt Mountain Bike Park Update, 19 December 2017

One of the great things about the Harcourt Trails is we’ve been able to use the naturally occurring granite on the site and you can see this big rock slab behind me. So we might go give it a go! OK for all you non-believers out there, I did sell my fishing gear, I’ve got […]

Riding into the Aotearoa Bike Challenge

It takes me 15 minutes to get to work. If I was to drive in the morning and find a free car park I’d have to leave a lot earlier in the morning. It’s like a great way to kind of just prepare for the day and then to wind down at the end of […]

Making The Rounds With The E-Bike Doctor | E-MTBs In The Workplace

– I know what you’re thinking, he’s been overdoing it. However, in between visits from people who have got say diabetes, from heart failure to depression, Rowena, my doctor, also has to go out and about and visit people who are frail or maybe people who are dying. In that respect she has to get […]

Can bike taxis really compete with Uber? | FT

Hailing a ride has never been easier, thanks to smartphone apps such as Uber. But in congested cities it can often be quicker to walk. A new London start-up reckons it has the answer – a faster, cleaner, cheaper alternative – that doesn’t rely on the gig economy. But can pedal power compete? We’re going […]

Fun Bike Video Finds Hidden Gems in San Luis Obispo, CA

sup Rob. Let’s get it just go back back back what’s up guys we’re here at Bang the Drum Brewery a sweet local brewery down on Orcuttt Road. We’re sitting with two of the coworkers right here why don’t you guys introduce yourselves My name is Ryane, I’m the tasting room manager, I’ve been here […]