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Fun Bike Video Finds Hidden Gems in San Luis Obispo, CA

sup Rob. Let’s get it just go back back back what’s up guys we’re here at Bang the Drum Brewery a sweet local brewery down on Orcuttt Road. We’re sitting with two of the coworkers right here why don’t you guys introduce yourselves My name is Ryane, I’m the tasting room manager, I’ve been here […]

Electric Bike Sharing Stations Generating Data

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is home to the nation’s first fully-automated electric bike sharing station – make that two stations – thanks to research questions posed by civil and environmental engineering assistant professor Chris Cherry. “We have electric-assist bikes that have an electric motor in the hub that allows users to go up hills […]

Green Shuttle (Electric Bike Taxi)

I am visiting Green Shuttle here in Aarhus. This is a pretty nice concept, where you have these electric bikes, and they have 14 closed gears, here, and it is specially built. It’s pretty cozy, and when you have electric power, you can have two guests with you here. And it’s driven by this battery […]

Small Solar Power Setup (For electric bike charging)

Electric vehicles, such as electric bikes, are becoming more more popular but is it viable to charge electric vehicles from solar power? everyone knows what solar panels are, but what I want to do is build a small scale solar panel setup that’ll be useful for charging my electric bike as well as possibly powering […]

Uplift Vs E Bike | Are E Mountain Bikes The Death Of Shuttling?

– We’re not unfamiliar with the bleating that goes on about E-bikes being cheating, yet every year, thousands of people flock to the Alps and the Rockies to use the chair lifts, the gondolas, and the tramways, to access those amazing mountains. – In the UK, the last 20 years, we’ve all been using shuttles, […]

Haute Route: Mountain Biking Extreme (Full HD) l VAUDE

The Haute Route is actually a famous ski tour from Chamonix to Zermatt. The idea being to take the highest route possible from A to B. We are going to do this on a mountain bike, from Verbier to Brig. Always staying just below the glaciers. All in all, we are going to climb 10000 […]

Vertriders: Mountain Biking Extreme “Flow” (Full HD) I VAUDE

When things just go along smoothly, when the motion just happens by itself, then that’s what flow is to me. Completely regardless of the difficulty. It can be rough to ride, but when you feel things are going well, that it’s just easy to do, then that’s when it’s “flow” for me. When the section […]

The Water Cycle

♫MUSIC♫ ANNE THOMPSON: All the water on Earth today, every drop, is all the water there has ever been on the planet. Freshwater is actually millions of years old. The same water, flowing in a continuous loop- falling as rain and snow from clouds to the Earth’s surface, running in rivers, pooling in ponds, flowing […]

Europes toughest Mountain Bike Race: The Swiss Epic (Full HD) I VAUDE

Swiss Epic is a great adventure. The toughest stage race I ever did. The Swiss Epic is a huge challenge for every mountain biker. You have to be capable of riding uphill, but you also have to push hard in the flat. You need technical skills, in all kinds of terrain. The track is extremly […]