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Camaro Go Kart Gets Air Suspension!

[Music] starting another day on the Camaro first things first about this piece of inch-and-a-quarter solid and I’m gonna use it to design that axle I was talking about in the last video I don’t it doesn’t have a key way in it so we won’t use it permanently but I’ll be able to build […]

Ultimate Honda Odyssey Engine Swap + Restoration Ep. 1

[Music] a portion of this video is sponsored by LastPass we bought this snowmobile early winter and playing all along was to take the engine out of it and put it in the Odyssey we got it super cheap it’s pretty thrashed all the way around but it runs great so we had our fun […]

Jumping The Crazy Fast Barbie Jeep + Bodywork

[Music] [Music] so it’s time to redesign the throttle yeah just redoing all the controls the original setup I kind of just threw together real quick to test it out and see how it was gonna drive I’ve got a rough flank of what the throttle plate might look like and I figured if I […]