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Bikes out of bamboo | A company from Ghana is making them

The reason why we use bamboo to manufacture bicycles is , is found abundant in Ghana and this is not a material we’re going to import . It’s a new innovation , there was not any bamboo bike builders in our country so we were the first people trying to see how best you can […]

These Electric Bikes Will Make You Smile

Always always get the cool bike because the cool bike is the one you’re gonna want to ride every day, right, is someone that’s gonna be in the garage and you’re gonna want to get out there and ride it because, it’s just the cool bike. Our mission here at Faraday is really simple. wwe […]

DIY Magnetic contactless bike dynamo TEST #2

i roughly put a little coil near the magnetic rotor inside the coil there are some ferromagnetic parts which give some spinning resistance to the rotor let’s spin the wheel! eddy currents induce the rotor spinnining, making a continously variable magnetic field near the coil, which convert this in electricity the capacitor give some smoothness […]

The Best Of Darkfest 2020

– Welcome back you beautiful people. DarkFEST 2020 has just happened, and we’re going to pick out the greatest moments that this event has given us. If there’s any fails, some big sends. It’s one of the greatest events I’ve ever taken part in and we’re going to talk about it. All coming up in […]

How To Carry Your Calories: Stay Fuelled Whilst Cycling

– Hank and I are about to head out for a big ol’ day in the mountains on the bikes. And we just started packing a few things we’re going to need to take with us. – So we thought this was the perfect opportunity to show you guys just what we take out on […]

How To Go Super Saiyan with Science! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

– The foundational manga and anime Dragon Ball Z has made a huge mark on popular culture and on me. Cell saga is the best saga. Its influence is everywhere, going Super Saiyan as a meme has even made it into sports culture. But is there a way to explain this iconic transformation without mystical […]

Is Going Vegan A Game Changer For Cycling? | GCN Show Ep. 367

– From the scorched earth in Woodside, South Australia, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show. – Coming up this week, can going vegan actually make you a better cyclist? – We also have news from the Tour Down Under, proof that people like cycling more than driving. – And what […]

Cycling Nutrition Myths Busted | Bad Sport Dieting Advice To Avoid

– Nutritional advice can be a minefield. We’re going to help steer you carefully through some of the most popular and some of the worst advice that we’ve heard over the years. (upbeat music) Fasted is faster. There is a lot of hot debate out there on the internet about training in a faster state […]

What’s In Your Jersey Pockets For A Race? | GCN Ask The Pros

– It’s been a while since we asked the pros this question but we’ve got to revisit it, let’s face it. What do they carry in their pockets during a race? What are they gonna have for lunch? Let’s go and find out. (upbeat electronic music) Okay, Dan, what’s in your pockets for today’s stage? […]