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Best mountain bike suspension? 2019 Scott Ransom Four Bar Linkage Explained

Hi everyone and welcome back! So you’re in the market for a new bike. You’re super excited until you head to the store and realize the multitude of geometries and suspension designs and you ask the question, which one is best? There’s isn’t really a best suspension, as everything is a compromise and it depends […]

Train like a Pro with an E-Bike – Remy Absalon

My name is Rémy Absalon I’m a professional enduro MTB racer, specializing in the enduro World Series, Mégavalanche, marathon mass start races etc. And I will show you how A professional trains with an e-bike Winter time means training time, the time when I prepare for the season, I work on my cardio, my technique […]

Beautiful XC on Poop Alley || Squamish, BC | Mountain Biking

Hi everyone and welcome back to Squamish, BC. A few weeks ago I rode Hood in the Woods and at the end turned right onto an access road. Had I continued on I would have connected up with today’s trail named Poop Alley. Thankfully there was no poop on the trail when I rode it. […]

Frickin E-Bikes… Jordan Uphill Turbo Boostmaster!

today I get to go on an e-bike ride with some legends Wade Simmons and Richie Schley we also go Bryson and Bryson junior from DVO suspension and this other guy sorry I forgot your name but we’re all on e-bike’s today I’m borrowing an E-bike from Norco so we’ll get to see how that […]

Electrically-Fueled Mountain Bike Mastery | SHIMANO

Dig it in! Left, right, left, right, one, two, one, two. You’re going to need to do more than that… …if you want to beat Martin Maes this season! Giddy up, cowboy. Wyn! Hurry up! Come on, mate. Ha! There he is! A bit late to the party, eh, boys? – Aw, shut up, dude. […]