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Frickin E-Bikes… Jordan Uphill Turbo Boostmaster!

today I get to go on an e-bike ride with some legends Wade Simmons and Richie Schley we also go Bryson and Bryson junior from DVO suspension and this other guy sorry I forgot your name but we’re all on e-bike’s today I’m borrowing an E-bike from Norco so we’ll get to see how that […]

Reviewing a Strange Array of Bike and Outdoor Products

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at some bike and outdoor products. If you’re new here, these videos are for fun. It’s just me showing you a bunch of stuff and telling you what I think of it. So with that, let’s get started. A lot of us prefer riding our bikes […]

Top 5 MTB Tips & Tricks (EWS Approved!)

What’s up guys I’m Jeff the founder of worldwide Cyclery and a little while back I asked one of our sponsored downhill racers Max Morgan to write a blog for us on the 5 coolest little pro tips that he has and if you’re wondering who max Morgan, is check out this clip of him […]

My insane MTB trip to Whistler

Last week I visited Whistler Canada for the second time in one summer, and that’s a big trip. There was a reason for this: Dirt Diaries. Dirt Diaries is a short film contest that has been going on for the last 7 years at Crankworx. Each film must be 6 minutes or less, include Whistler, […]

Mountain Bike Enduro Trails | Vlog #4 | SANTIAGO MTB

Such friend, How are you? Yiiiuuuuuu I head to the hill Sancristobal In search of …….. Nooo !!! We will inaugurate the lifelines of the hill !! Which opened yesterday, after 7 years Let’s go with Peter Burns We will try to do, trails only 4.1 / 2 Cigars 4.1 / 2 I do not […]

Bike Check | 2017 Diamondback Release 3

We’ll get back to how this happened later. In light of the contest, a ton of you have been asking for a bike check on my 2017 Release 3. After all, this is the bike that two of you will be winning. The thing is, this bike isn’t much different from the one I rode […]