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Bike Check | 2017 Diamondback Release 3

We’ll get back to how this happened later. In light of the contest, a ton of you have been asking for a bike check on my 2017 Release 3. After all, this is the bike that two of you will be winning. The thing is, this bike isn’t much different from the one I rode […]

The New Scott E Genius | GMBN’s First Ride

– SCOTT recently redesigned their very popular and versatile trail bike the Genius and this is the brand new E Genius. Let’s take a first look. (calm instrumental music) So the brand new Genius had a full new design, full new frame layout. If you see the E Genius looks very similar. So this shock […]

YT Capra Unboxing | YT Capra Review of components | 2018

Hey, I’m walking over to Zach’s he just got his brand-new YT capra today, we’re gonna unbox it This is Eric with Ride Labs and today I’m with Zach and he’s gonna open his brand-new YT Capra You can see it sitting here in the box. Are you excited Zach? I am the most excited […]

Trials Skills To Improve Your Trail Riding | MTB Skills

(upbeat music) – Welcome back you beautiful people and today’s all about trial skills. Taking them over to the trail to help you get over certain obstacles. And to be honest I’m not really good at trials, so I bought Chris Smith in to help me do such techniques out there on the trail. – […]

Enduro Vs Trail Suspension Fork | What’s The Difference?

– (grunts) Welcome back, you beautiful people. I am your trail angel or Traingel for short. Now there’s a little bit of an argument going on out there on the trail, and that is what is the difference between an enduro fork and a trail fork. Now, I’ve got trail Blake and enduro Blake, and […]


backflip on the enduro bike hey guys what’s up, we are on the way to kmc bike festival Heubach now on the way ist his awesome bike park located have been here quite a while but just riding the trick jump of Tobi Wrobel up top once I rode one or two laps down with […]

Climbing Challenge – Which Mountain Bike Climbs The Best?

– [Neil] Today is GMBN’s climbing challenge. We’re going to try three different types of bike, see which comes out as the all-around best climber. – [Marc] We all know that a light bike is best for that epic climb, but what about when you consider geometry and grip? – Let’s put it to the […]

Should You Buy Alloy Or Carbon Mountain Bike? | Ask GMBN Tech

– Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech. Of course this is the weekly Q and A show. You ask the questions, and we try and give you the right answers. Get your questions into the email address on the bottom of the screen there, or get involved in those comments. Don’t forget to use the hashtag […]

Fat Bike Vs. Enduro Bike | Fun or Fast?

(rock music) (record scratching) – (laughs) Wow! I bet that guy’s on Strava trying to get this segment dialled in. What a idiot. (whistling) (fun upbeat music) (whistling) (hard rock music) – Think of the gains, woo hoo hoo! Woo, that was fast. Woo! Yes! Wa-pew! Personal record, woo hoo hoo! I am so damn […]